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A plural of rhombus.
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The second activity, Magnified Pattern Blocks, focused on comparing the perimeter and areas of pattern block triangles, rhombi, and trapezoids using the ratio of the original pattern block to the magnified pattern block.
The grid solidified and became a "lattice of progressive rhombi" that passed along the wall, vertically or horizontally, a frieze in relief.
You have to love the fact that they are not anything else except what they are, And that people explain them that way--not squares, not parallelograms, but, Bless me, rhombi, which, the first time you hear it, sounds like a city in India.
in a latticework of rhombi. The pull chain, still swaying
Two rhombi are called overlapping if they share exactly one triangle.
Kalb explained how "he had used the rhombi and the triangles to figure out that the two quilts had an equal area of 36 triangles.
Further encourage students to use mathematical language by giving them concrete experiences with rhombi and ellipses.