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n, pl -dei (-dɪˌaɪ)
(Anatomy) anatomy either of two muscles that connect the spinal vertebrae to the scapulae
[C19: New Latin, from Late Latin rhomboides: see rhomboid]


(rɒmˈbɔɪ di əs)

n., pl. -de•i (-diˌaɪ)
either of two back muscles that function to move the scapula.
[1825–35; < New Latin (musculus) rhomboideus; see rhomboid, -eous]
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(2012) Belicinus rhomboideus, a new genus and species of Psepheninae (Coleoptera: Byrrhoidea: Psephenidae) from Belize.
Winged scapula caused by rhomboideus and trapezius muscle rupture associated with repetitive minor trauma: a case report.
The fast glycolytic/oxidative-glycolytic LM has a greater capacity to switch substrate utilization between glucose and lipids compared with slower oxidative muscles, such as the soleus and rhomboideus. Those authors suggested that the low-food-intake pigs were more highly dependent on fatty acids as an energy source than the high-intake animals were.
Therefore, the rhomboideus major and minor, trapezius, and latisimus dorsi muscles of the upper back may contract to keep the head from falling too far forward, combatting gravitation that pulls the neck forward, but the muscles of the forehead and the scalp may contract, causing severe headaches.
The rhomboideus minor and Levator scapulae muscles were detached with a cuff and the mass was subperiosteally exposed on the medial border the short stalk of the tumour.