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Adj.1.rhymeless - not having rhyme; "writing unrhymed blank verse is like playing tennis without a net"
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As I write this, all the beings and happenings of that other world rise up before me in vast phantasmagoria, and I know that to you they would be rhymeless and reasonless.
But the time was at hand, rhymeless and reasonless so far as I can see, when I was to begin to pay for my score of years of dallying with John Barleycorn.
in syntax as well as sound, and bearing no other resemblance to the Latin measure, which it was designed to imitate, than that it consists of two long and two short lines," and yet, he conceded: "[it] presents the only example of a rhymeless stanza which can fairly be said to have become naturalized in our language.
I could never imagine, and never shall." He makes two exceptions, one of which Arnold had not even mentioned: Charles Kingsley's Andromeda, which Swinburne calls "the one good poem extant in that pernicious metre." Yet even that poem, "for all the grace and glory and exultation of its rushing and ringing words, has not made possible the impossible thing": something better than "loose rhymeless anapests." (24) The other exception is a passage from The Iliad, translated by Edward Craven Hawtrey, which Arnold had called "the most successful attempt hitherto made at rendering Homer into English" (p.
The only other problem was after about 60 rounds, the groups began to open up with the type of rhymeless and reason-less random-ness that usually signals loosening mounts.
Rhymeless Cardinals: Lowest: sixty, (others: seventy, ninety) Highest: hundred.