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A hornlike drinking vessel of ancient times, often having a pointed end shaped like an animal or animal's head.

[Greek rhuton, from neuter of rhutos, fluid, liquid; see sreu- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -ta (-tə)
(Historical Terms) (in ancient Greece) a horn-shaped drinking vessel with a hole in the pointed end through which to drink
[C19: from Greek rhuton, from rhutos flowing; related to rhein to flow]
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This extraordinary rhyton, however, comes from Afghanistan of the Turko Shahi period.
The other image on the postage stamp is the Achaemenid Persian Lion Rhyton.
More than 40 historical objects are on display, including the golden dagger of Darius the Great and a golden rhyton with a lion's head from the Achaemenid era.
In addition to this abundant written material, a good number of beautiful utilitarian objects, more or less connected with the magical activities of the owner, have been found in this multi-roomed dwelling: a mug in the form of lion's head, (80) an ivory figurine, a Cypriot rhyton, a libation chimney-pipe, etc.
They date from the Song to the Qing dynasty, with the majority from the Qianlong period (1736-95) such as the imperial-dated rhyton ('gong' vessel), the interior carved with a poem composed by the Qianlong emperor, with a mark corresponding to 1792 and of the period (Fig.
The wine was consumed in a variety of vessels including the kylix, skyphos, kantharos and rhyton. The vessels used in the wine service were elaborately decorated with scenes from myth and daily life.
Rhyton Cretan Thyme Honey, PS12.90, from All Greek, Stephenson Street Co-owner Larissa Konstantinidou says: "A honey of exceptional quality with a characteristic and distinct aroma.
Rhyton Cretan Thyme Honey is a winner on two different fronts: as a first-quality specialty gastronomic product, and as an outstanding example of how to label and pack such a product.
Bulgaria's largest international commercial exhibit of wines "Vinaria 2013" has bestowed six "Golden Rhyton" awards and 125 medals at a ceremony held Wednesday evening.
Kington's double delight On an afternoon for firsts, conditional jockey John Kington steered home his first double after Jim Tango took the 2m1f novice hurdle and Rhyton landed the 3m novice handicap hurdle.
TODAY'S SARABAND SELECTIONS BANGOR: 2.20 Rhyton, 2.55 Golden Dream, 3.30 Ravi River, 4.05 Celtic Intrigue, 4.40 Ostland, 5.10 Lean Burn.