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also re·a·ta  (rē-ä′tə)
A lariat; a lasso.

[Spanish reata, lasso, lariat; see lariat.]
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Noun1.riata - a long noosed rope used to catch animalsriata - a long noosed rope used to catch animals
running noose, slip noose, noose - a loop formed in a cord or rope by means of a slipknot; it binds tighter as the cord or rope is pulled
rope - a strong line
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Riata Capital Group is a Dallas-based private equity investment firm that invests in growing, profitable, privately-held companies across North America with a focus on four core industry sectors: consumer, energy, healthcare, and business solutions.
The issue quickly escalated early in 2012 when a March issue of HeartRhythm, a publication of the Heart Rhythm Society (a Washington, D.C.-based international organization focused on cardiac pacing and electrophysiology), claimed that Riata leads caused 22 deaths (St.
Valentine was hit the post early in the second half before Dal Riata almost equalised with Rovers keeper Callum Gray making a good save.
Riata said it plans to expand Acuity into a market-leading eyecare platform through the acquisition of additional regional eyecare groups and independent eyecare professionals.
Jude Medical high-voltage portfolio is augmented by the Durata defibrillation lead with Optim lead insulation, onto which the company shifted more focus after the Riata lead debacle.
Against the run of play, Dal Riata made it 2-1 after Doune gifted possession when they were on the attack.
A beleaguered Dal Riata conceded a third goal after 77 minutes.
The success of this plan, though, ultimately depends on the fate of the much-hyped Durata ICD leads--specifically, whether the wires can avoid falling prey to the same flaw that doomed the Riata. An FDA warning letter over the leads' manufacturing facility and a Medtronic-sponsored study questioning their longevity has some analysts speculating the Durata is following in its predecessor's footsteps but St.
Dal Riata created a chance shortly after but debutant keeper Callum Brenigan made a fine one-handed save and Rovers then went 2-0 up in 23 minutes when the impressive Gianni DeLuca was played through and cut inside.
Jude stopped selling its Riata lead used to connect life-saving defibrillators to the heart after research showed the wires could break through their insulated coating, possibly causing shocks.
DOUNE CASTLE....................................1 DAL RIATA.............................................
Jude Medical has been fighting to maintain its reputation as a provider of reliable and safe medical devices in the face of the failure of its Riata implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) lead wires.