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Adj.1.ribbon-shaped - shaped in the form of a ribbon
formed - having or given a form or shape
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The first pink, ribbon-shaped, raised-box garden was planted in Orlando, Fla.
By light microscope, cysts were ribbon-shaped and measured 7.3 mm in length by 116 [micro]m wide.
Instead of having several discrete orifices, the pulp chamber of the C-shaped canal is a single ribbon-shaped orifice with a 180[degrees] arc (or more), which in mandibular molars starts at the mesiolingual line angle and sweeps around the buccal to the end at the distal aspect of the pulp chamber.
A 5.7m-wide, ribbon-shaped friendship bridge is proposed to be built across the Nerang River for cyclists and pedestrians, connecting the precinct to Surfers
The lead vocalist of The Great Departed -- the Beirut indie band that combines profane classic and original lyrics with irreverent scoring on classical Arabic instrumentation -- she appears on stage here with a battery operated ribbon-shaped contraption perched atop her head.
The male maneuvers his mate onto her back, grasps several of her five pairs of legs, and transfers a ribbon-shaped sac of sperm to her.
(We got a preview of two of the dancers on the billboard that Lassry made for the High Line last summer.) An equally peculiar framing device--a sort of ribbon-shaped object that outlined the face in a circle and the body in a triangle--was pushed around the stage on casters during the performance.
Key statement: When forming a rubber member which is made up of a combination of a plurality of rubber corn pounds by winding spirally a ribbon-shaped unvulcanized robber strip material in an overlapping fashion, the number of times of winding is reduced so as to shorten a fabrication cycle time of the rubber member to thereby increase the productivity thereof.
During the campaign, all women who were screened placed a pink rose on a huge pink ribbon-shaped structure that has been built for the campaign.
A huge pink ribbon-shaped structure bearing pink roses placed by women who were screened for breast cancer throughout the campaign was set afloat in a pond at Safa Park to symbolise personal pledges made by individuals to protect themselves and their families against the disease.
During each campaign, all the women who have been screened will place a pink rose on a huge pink ribbon-shaped stand.
There's the pink KitchenAid "Cook for the Cure" collection (pink blenders, mixers, food processors, and mini-choppers), Glamor Glints pink rhinestones, ribbon-shaped fingernail appliques, breast-cancer awareness alcoholic lemonade, and of course a pink Smith & Wesson handgun.