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Noun1.rice paddy - an irrigated or flooded field where rice is grownrice paddy - an irrigated or flooded field where rice is grown
field - a piece of land cleared of trees and usually enclosed; "he planted a field of wheat"
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Currently, the harvest of rice paddy is at its peak in various parts of the Punjab, and the dealers have reduced the basmati paddy price from Rs 1,500/40-kg to 1,350/40-kg.
Contract awarded for Construction of whole paddy rice paddy and drainage installation
The FutureRice program creates rice paddy artworks to boost interest of younger generations and other rice stakeholders in rice farming, promote agritourism and promote examples on how farmers can develop their farms both productively and creatively,' PhilRice Executive Director Roger Barroga said.
Now 25, Greeshma works for CGH hotels as a construction engineer in Kottayam, Kerala, where she earns enough to pay for her younger sister's nursing course and helps her father Vinod, still a fisherman, and mother Gitu, who works in the rice paddy fields.
2]) fluxes in rice paddy fields is crucial for improving the accuracy of estimating C[H.
But its husks are "almost empty," Kikuo Sakai, 81, said in early October, pointing to the rice grown in a 100-square-meter plot in his rice paddy in Motomiya, Fukushima Prefecture.
Holistic thinking among many modern Chinese people partly reflects regional histories of building communal irrigation systems and cooperatively planting and harvesting rice paddy fields over thousands of years, the scientists propose in the May 9 Science.
Leslie Ramsammy said a shipment of 6,000 tons of rice paddy would be followed another shipment two days later, reports Caribbean 360.
With a primary focus on buying rice paddy from farmers rather than middlemen, the Company's inclusive business model concentrates on improving the competitiveness of Basmati rice for farmers to ensure enhanced yield/acre and reduction in cost of production/ton to benefit the farmers.
Officials have blamed heavy fog for the aircraft's crash into a rice paddy field, where it burst into flames.
Two people were killed and 10 wounded in northeast Myanmar on Tuesday when a passenger plane missed an airport runway in heavy fog and landed in a rice paddy, state television said.
The local authorities will look into the condition of the farmer's rice paddy to find the cause of the contamination.