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Noun1.Rice weevil - brown weevil that infests stored grain especially ricerice weevil - brown weevil that infests stored grain especially rice
weevil - any of several families of mostly small beetles that feed on plants and plant products; especially snout beetles and seed beetles
genus Sitophylus, Sitophylus - a genus of Bruchidae
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oryzae, the rice weevil (RW) are documented as notorious polyphagous stored grain insect pests that has got resistance against commercial fumigants and is a serious threat for plenty of cereal crops including wheat (Ashouri and Shayesteh, 2009; Bughio and Wilkins, 2004; Daglish et al., 2014; Lira et al., 2015; Liu et al., 2007; Nenaah, 2014).
Gulnaz Malik, daughter of Muhammad Ajmal Malik, got her degree in the subject of Environmental Science after approval of her thesis titled "Evaluation of the Rice Weevil Resistance against Phosphine and its Management through Biorational Pesticides".
When the imported rice stocks finally arrived ndash though belatedly ndash the rice weevil infestation developed as bad weather delayed unloading them out of the ships.
Ovarian physiology and age-grading in the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).
It added that carrying out of fumigation is a threat to public health, and the quality of rice is already downgraded, as rice kernel on where the rice weevil incubates its offspring and serve as food, naturally crumbles and becomes powdery.
The structural differentiation of rostrum in male and female adults of rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae was examined under the light and electron microscopes to understand its functional potential in infestation/ovipositional tactics.
SPI that are commonly found in Malaysia include the cigarette beetle, rice weevil, sawtoothed grain beetle, and flour beetle.
Abstract: The objective of the present study was to assess the efficacy of an indigenous isolate of Metarhizium anisopliae alone and with diatomaceous earth (DE) formulation against the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).
Operations that chose insects as a problem were asked to name up to three insects that caused problems in the past 5 years; respondents could also select the option 'I don't know the name of the insects.' More than 60% of on-farm operations named the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (Linnaeus), and more than 20% indicated that they did not know the name of the insects (fig.
Comparitive evaluation of the harmful activity of the grain beetle, the wheat weevil and the rice weevil. Rastitelna Zashchita., 31: 27-28
The researchers tested their device on three stored-product pests (rice weevil, red flour beetle, and drugstore beetle) and two household pests (German cockroach and bed bug).
calandrae wasp can withstand much more malathion than one of its hosts, the rice weevil. The wasp also tolerates small doses of other organophosphate insecticides used on grain.