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n. pl. rick·ett·si·ae (-sē-ē′)
Any of various bacteria of the genus Rickettsia, carried as parasites by many ticks, fleas, and lice, that cause diseases such as typhus and Rocky Mountain spotted fever in humans.

[New Latin Rickettsia, genus name, after Howard Taylor Ricketts (1871-1910), American pathologist.]

rick·ett′si·al adj.
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Adj.1.rickettsial - relating to or caused by rickettsias
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Anecdotal reports have indicated close temporal relationship between AOSD and various infections, which may suggest infectious triggers for developing AOSD, but rickettsial diseases were rarely reported.
Short courses of the antibiotic doxycycline can be used to treat rickettsial diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever in young children without staining their teeth or weakening tooth enamel, according to a study published in March in the Journal of Pediatrics.
These results indicate that many US military personnel were exposed to rickettsiae and orientiae before their deployment to South Korea (Figure), perhaps because of previous deployments around the world or because of exposure to rickettsial agents at home (8-10).
Focusing on Rickettsia bacteria, carried by chiggers, ticks, fleas and lice, which causes diseases in humans such as typhus, rickettsialpox, Boutonneuse fever, African tick bite fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Flinders Island spotted fever and Queensland tick typhus ( Australian tick typhus), the ministry has launched guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Rickettsial diseases.
Tick-borne Lyme disease causes more than 300,000 estimated human illnesses annually along with other rickettsial diseases, such as Powassan virus , Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF), ehrlichiosis , and anaplasmosis , are responsible for more than 4,000 U.
Here, we report a case of PF in a child secondary to rickettsial infection, who was managed efficiently with timely intervention.
Volume 2 covers infections with specific viral microorganisms, such as chlamydia, rickettsial diseases, mycoplasma, fungal diseases, and parasitic diseases.
Ecologist Chi-Chien Kuo and colleagues from the University of California, Davis, and the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control set out to study the ecology of rickettsial diseases in the abandoned fields of Hualien County, once a major center of rice production.
Based on elevated titers of IgG and IgM antibodies to both pathogens, physicians concluded the patient had concurrent RMSF and HME, 2 tick-borne rickettsial diseases effectively treated with doxycycline.
Following a chapter on the history of tropical medicine, the chapters are presented in sections covering underlying factors in tropical medicine such as primary care, epidemiology, traditional medicine, the economics and financing of disease control, and ethical considerations; symptoms and signs and the general approach to the patient; system- oriented disease; specialties in the tropics, including pediatrics, surgery, obstetrics, radiology and imaging services, oral health, and travel health; environmental/genetic disorders; viral infections; rickettsial infections; bacterial infections; mycotic infections; protozoan infections; helminthic infections; and ectoparasites.
David Swerdlow, previous team leader for the rickettsial zoonoses branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in a statement.
While TBF was first described nearly 100 years ago, it has only recently been discovered that there are several rickettsial species transmitted in southern Africa, the most common of which is Rickettsia africae.