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n. pl. rick·ett·si·o·ses (-sēz)
Infection with or disease caused by rickettsiae.
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Noun1.rickettsiosis - infectious disease caused by ticks or mites or body lice infected with rickettsial bacteria
infectious disease - a disease transmitted only by a specific kind of contact
typhus, typhus fever - rickettsial disease transmitted by body lice and characterized by skin rash and high fever
spotted fever - any of several severe febrile diseases characterized by skin rashes or spots on the skin
Q fever - an acute disease resembling influenza
rickettsialpox - mild infectious rickettsial disease caused by a bacterium of the genus Rickettsia transmitted to humans by the bite a mite that lives on rodents; characterized by chills and fever and headache and skin lesions that resemble chickenpox
trench fever - marked by pain in muscles and joints and transmitted by lice
scrub typhus, tsutsugamushi disease - transmitted by larval mites and widespread in Asia
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Typhus group rickettsiosis (TGR) is a vectorborne zoonotic disease most commonly caused by the bacteria Rickettsia typhi, the etiologic agent of murine typhus.
4,6) One of the reasons for the fatalities due to RMSF is the difficulty correctly diagnosing the rickettsiosis.
During 2012-2014, five cases of Rickettsia parkeri rickettsiosis were identified by a single urgent care practice in Georgia, located approximately 40 miles southwest of Atlanta.
1) ATBF caused by R africae is the most common rickettsiosis among returning travelers (1) and may be the most widespread of all spotted fever group rickettsiae that are known to be pathogenic to humans.
Rickettsiosis my effect any part of eye, Posterior segment manifestations are more common however most of patients are asymptomatic.
5%) had spotted fever; almost 87% of the spotted fever rickettsiosis cases were acquired in sub-Saharan Africa, and 69% of these patients reported leisure travel to South Africa.
En las ultimas decadas, las rickettsiosis humanas han despertado gran interes en algunos paises de America como Brasil y Peru por su caracter re-emergente (3-5), en otros como Colombia por la presentacion de casos fatales y de brotes de alta letalidad (6-9); mientras que en otros como Estados Unidos (EU), han permanecido como enfermedades endemicas de presentacion estacional, asociadas a la aparicion de sus vectores, o condicionadas por cambios ecologicos.
A Transitional Group Rickettsial Infection: Cat Flea-Transmitted Rickettsiosis as an Emerging Global Threat
Las rickettsiosis son cosmopolitas; hoy dia son un problema de salud publica y se constituyen en una complicacion sanitaria de gran impacto sino son tratadas a tiempo.
El primer reporte de Rickettsiosis en Colombia data de la decada de los anos 30, cuando se describio una enfermedad febril con brote eruptivo en piel, en la poblacion de Tobia Cundinamarca.