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A flat narrow braid woven in zigzag form, used as a trimming for clothing or curtains.

[Reduplication of rack.]


(ˈrɪkˌræk) or


(Textiles) a zigzag braid used for trimming
[C20: dissimilated reduplication of rack1]


or ric•rac


a narrow zigzag braid or ribbon used as a trim.
[1880–85, Amer.; gradational reduplication of rack1]
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Noun1.rickrack - a narrow zigzag ribbon used as trimming
passementerie, trim, trimming - a decoration or adornment on a garment; "the trimming on a hat"; "the trim on a shirt"


n no pl (US) → Zickzackbordüre f
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Using the creases and applique placement diagram as guides, arrange rickrack and patches on A as shown.
Drawn badly for her second and only subsequent start at Tipperary, she shaped with plenty of promise, coming wide off the home-turn and keeping on in eye-catching style to finish fourth, beaten five lengths, behind Ballydoyle filly Longing, Rickrack and Warnaq.
Other 10lb hikes went to Saturday's Cork handicap winner Rickrack and wide-margin Gowran Park winner Laid Back Luke.
His shirt like a second skin; the rickrack trim of her dress fraying where it rubs under her arm.
The cleverly designed scallop, hexagon, and fence prints make for fast piecing, while topstitched rickrack stems and appliqued leaves add charming details.
They applied ribbons and bows, small pom-poms, rickrack and buttons to some of the squares.
Some were colorful, trimmed in rickrack, but each one always had pockets.
From patchwork to embroidery and using rickrack, this offers keys to applying full-sized applique patterns to projects at all skills levels, and creates an outstanding collection perfect for those who want new designs based on old ideas.
Or check out the sale bins at craft stores for yarn, rickrack, ball fringe and other inexpensive ribbon alternatives.
By the 1940s aprons gained a cinched waistline, and were often gaily trimmed with rickrack, buttons, and pockets of contrasting color.
Then they visit a table with stickers, felt flowers, rickrack, and jewels to enhance their personalized felt purses.