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or rick·shaw  (rĭk′shô)
A jinriksha.

[Short for jinriksha.]


or jin•rik•sha

(dʒɪnˈrɪk ʃɔ, -ʃɑ)

n., pl. -shas.
a small, two-wheeled, cartlike passenger vehicle with a fold-down top, pulled by one person, formerly used widely in Japan and China.
Also called ricksha, rickshaw.
[1870–75; < Japanese, =jin person + -riki power + -sha vehicle (< Middle Chinese, = Chinese rénlì shē)]
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Noun1.ricksha - a small two-wheeled cart for one passengerricksha - a small two-wheeled cart for one passenger; pulled by one person
cart - a heavy open wagon usually having two wheels and drawn by an animal
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The petitioners further alleged that the staff of the RTA Sanghar was extracting bribes from the ricksha drivers and in some cases also impounding their vehicles.
Scottish international Fletcher also filmed the sickening incident on his mobile as the ricksha took him and a pal through the streets of London.
Introduced in Switzerland in March 2009, "the rickshaws are very popular," Chantal Monnier of Ricksha Taxi Schweiz says.
Outside the New Eastern he got into a serious argument with a ricksha boy.
From walking sticks to ricksha, from ricksha to carriage, from carriage to train, from train to automobile, from there on to the dirigible, further on to the airplane, and further on and on, no matter how far we may go, it won't let us take a breath.
One sequence was filmed from the seat of a ricksha in the congested city of Varanasi.
If garlic is not for you, try the Monterey Squid Festival, with its famous squid fajitas and squid jewelry contest; the Tracy Dry Bean Festival, featuring a "magical fruit" bean display and museum; the Angel's Camp Zucchini Festival, which awards a prize to the smallest zucchini grown; the Isleton Crawdad Festival, complete with crawdad races and a crawdad pancake breakfast; the Vacaville Onion Festival, with its raw onion--eating contest; the Santa Cruz Brussels Sprout Festival, where brussels sprout water taffy and ice cream are served; the Guerneville Slug Fest, whose annual Slug-Off tasting has featured Slug Garlic Bread, Slughetti, and Upslime-Down Cake; or Willow Creek's Peach Luau and Annual Ricksha Race.
Kabuki, a popular Japanese restaurant and sushi bar in Pasadena for the past 20 years, recently took over the former Ricksha in Woodland Hills.
Calling it the "vehicle of the future," Grass stated that it was "entirely possible that in a few years the traffic officials of the European cities, whose urban congestion already has a tin-can absurdity about it today, will need to recall the ricksha and consider its possibilities.
His new theme found its clearest expression in his masterpiece, Luotuo Xiangzi(1936; "Camel Xiangzi"), the tragic story of the trials of a ricksha puller in Beijing.
Ah, yes, I get the same picture -- ignition components salvaged from old Atwater-Kent radios of the 1930's -- delivered furtively at midnight by ricksha and malodorous honeywagon, impaled upon shards of old rice wine bottles in the first instance, immured in unspeakable muck in the latter.
The annual earnings of casual construction workers, household sweepers and ricksha drivers in major Indian cities are about double those of landless agricultural workers in the rural hinterland.