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Past participle of ride.
Dominated, harassed, or obsessed by. Often used in combination: disease-ridden; grief-ridden.
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the past participle of ride
(in combination) afflicted, affected, or dominated by something specified: damp-ridden; disease-ridden.
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(ˈrɪd n)

a pp. of ride.


a combining form meaning “obsessed with,” “overwhelmed by” (torment-ridden) or “burdened with” (debt-ridden).
[see ridden]
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[ˈrɪdn] PP of ride a horse ridden byun caballo montado por ...
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ptp of ride
adj angst-riddenangsterfüllt; debt-riddenhoch verschuldet; disease-riddenvon Krankheiten befallen; strife-riddenzerstritten; ridden with crimemit hoher Kriminalität; ridden with intoleranceohne die leiseste Spur von Toleranz
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(raid) past tense rode (roud) : past participle ridden (ˈridn) verb
1. to travel or be carried (in a car, train etc or on a bicycle, horse etc). He rides to work every day on an old bicycle; The horsemen rode past.
2. to (be able to) ride on and control (a horse, bicycle etc). Can you ride a bicycle?
3. to take part (in a horse-race etc). He's riding in the first race.
4. to go out regularly on horseback (eg as a hobby). My daughter rides every Saturday morning.
1. a journey on horseback, on a bicycle etc. He likes to go for a long ride on a Sunday afternoon.
2. a usually short period of riding on or in something. Can I have a ride on your bike?
ˈrider noun
ˈriding-school noun
a place where people are taught to ride horses.
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References in classic literature ?
"Have you ever ridden in a steeplechase?" Somerfield asked him.
"If the Prince had never ridden before in his life, I would trust him."
Behind him, as he rode down the steep declivity that day, loomed a very different Torn from that which he had approached sixteen years before, when, as a little boy he had ridden through the darkening shadows of the night, perched upon a great horse behind the little old woman, whose metamorphosis to the little grim, gray, old man of Torn their advent to the castle had marked.
The other children had ridden me about for nearly two hours, and then the boys thought it was their turn, and so it was, and I was quite agreeable.
Sir Nigel and Ford had ridden on in advance, the knight upon his hackney, while his great war-horse trotted beside his squire.
`Well, Master Gourval,' quoth Simon at last, `this is but a sorry welcome, seeing that we have ridden so far just to shake you by the hand.' `Canst shake me by the hand without coming in,' said Gourval.
'I'm the most experienced but I'm also, like, twice their age,' says the 46-year-old who's ridden Tibet in minus 10-degree weather, and New Zealand during a freak storm when a tree fell on her and her bike.
The horse was ridden by his younger brother Sultan Ahmad Al Beloushi in the President's Cup earlier this year.
Sajir owned by Abdullah bin Ali Al Mamari and ridden by Asaad bin Ali Al Siyabi won the first race of the card Eoe1/4" the Wilayat Mussanah race for pure Arabian horses, which was run to the distance of 1600m.
Helmet law opponents argue that lifting the requirement makes riding more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable, which encourages current riders to use their bikes more and spurs new registrations, many by motorcyclists who may be more prone to accidents because they are inexperienced or have not ridden in years.
The take a friend riding initiative offers friends of regular riders at these centres 50% off their first riding lesson, providing an opportunity to introduce someone who's never ridden before.
A yearly reward of sixty thousand dollars minimum is being offered by Billabong for the biggest wave ridden. Private surf camps are springing up at great spots around the world, limiting access to surfers who can afford them.