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tr.v. rid or rid·ded, rid·ding, rids
To cause (someone) to be free from something; relieve or disencumber: He was finally able to rid himself of all financial worries.
get rid of
To rid oneself of (something); discard or get free of: Let's get rid of that broken chair.

[Middle English ridden, probably from Old Norse rydhja, to clear land.]

rid′der n.
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M&T Bank, a subsidiary of M&T Bank Corporation (NYSE: MTB), has said that it has appointed Blair Ridder as regional president for the New York City market.
His previous positions include: executive vice president and chief operating officer of MediaNews Group; chief financial officer of Knight Ridder; president of Knight Ridder newspaper divisions; senior vice president of Knight Ridder newspapers; and executive vice-president and general manager of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News.
DANIEL de Ridder today revealed his wish that Blues would show their 'strength and pride' to bounce straight back from relegation.
*Minneapolis seeks new publisher: Following a court order keeping Publisher Par Ridder from working at the Star Tribune of Minneapolis for at least a year, the paper said last week that it didn't expect Ridder to return and that it would start a nationwide search for a new publisher.
BLUES pin-up Daniel de Ridder insists he is a model professional - but only when he is doing his job on the pitch for Steve Bruce.
The recent acquisition of Knight Ridder is emblematic of not only the uncertainties of newspapers but the uncertainties of where the diversity equation is heading.
McClatchy in June acquired Knight Ridder and its 32 daily newspapers (12 of which it immediately shed), making it the second-largest newspaper company in the country.
"I've never felt isolated on the McClatchy board," says Larry Jinks, who has been a McClatchy director since he retired in 1995 after 37 years as an editor, publisher and executive in Knight Ridder. He says several McClatchy family members on the board often recite the family mantra of quality journalism and community service, as does the chairman, Gary Pruitt, a First Amendment lawyer who earned newsroom respect as publisher of The Fresno Bee.
$6.5 billion, including about $2 billion in debt it will take over from Knight Ridder.
"While the world community scrutinizes Iran's nuclear plans, Latin America's biggest country is weeks away from taking a controversial step and firing up the region's first major uranium enrichment plant," reported a February 10 Knight Ridder dispatch from Rio.
Knight Ridder correspondent Yasser Salihee also covered this story.
Among the new EU nations, Poland is the number one country for investment in Central and Eastern Europe, followed by Hungary, according Andreas Ridder, Managing Director of Central and Eastern Europe at CB Richard Ellis in Vienna.