ride behind


w>ride behind

vi (on same horse, bicycle) → hinten sitzen; (on different horse, bicycle) → hinterherreiten, hinterherfahren
References in classic literature ?
Button-Bright was delighted to ride behind such a superb team, and he told Dorothy it made him feel like an actor in a circus.
Give us horses, and let two of the men ride behind us," said the chief.
He exchanged a few words with his men, motioned to me that I would ride behind one of them, and then mounted his own animal.
My master made his daughter Glumdalclitch ride behind him.
Their knights and squires, lad, are every whit as good as ours, and I could pick out a score of those who ride behind Du Guesclin who would hold the lists with sharpened lances against the best men in the army of England.
I never dreamed I'd ever ride behind horses like them.
I have bought a horse for you--never mind at what price--and you must dress and come with me, and ride behind Isidor.
Prince Andrew will ride behind the queen's carriage.
Adding spice to the men's race will be the presence of Filipino-American Rivera, who will ride behind the race column as part of her training for 45 races she is set to take part in this season.
Moreover, the company is planning to recruit women Vespa drivers during the second phase of the project, in order to make it easier for women passengers to use the service, as it might be embarrassing for women to ride behind a man driver.
I had to ride behind a professional stunt motorbike driver, while being chased by cars, and getting shot at.
A Flying Scotsman Journey & Chester 3 days from PS199, 13 October 2016 Ride behind the world's most famous steam train and enjoy the evocative blend of coal and steam as you glide through glorious countryside.