ride herd

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Verb1.ride herd - driving animals such as horses and cattle while riding along with them; "Joe was riding herd during the day"
ride, sit - sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions; "She never sat a horse!"; "Did you ever ride a camel?"; "The girl liked to drive the young mare"
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Fuller House (Netflix, 2016): A widowed mom and her sister ride herd on a houseful of kids...
Sposato serves as vice chairman of an Aviation Committee that will ride herd over Emanuel's $8.7 billion O'Hare expansion plan.
Rest assured that CSPI will continue to ride herd on these and other health drainers.
Lovito and Carey chose excellence over quantity and they constantly ride herd on quality control.
The six-time Grammy nominee and nine-time Country Music Assn, award winner, romantically linked to decidedly un-country alt-rocker Gwen Stefani, continues to ride herd over the approximately 1,200-acre ranch spread outside tiny Tishomingo, Okla., that he's owned since before he married his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert.
Perhaps a student oversight committee should "ride herd" on teams of students who are going to be in charge of individual games and their construction and operation.
Clay Brown's interest in Blitz Fogger products is a fascinating sidebar to the garden tractor collection he and his daughter ride herd over.
Vest fail to ride herd on these rogue representatives, according to the SEC, it failed to follow customer protection rules that required it to calculate how much money it needed to keep in a reserve account to make good on losses for customers harmed by the misconduct.
JEB HENSARLING (R-Texas) had his way, he would ride herd on the beleaguered housing agency.
“Plus these OFMs were designed and created when outsourcing to third-world countries was in vogue, so there was an almost colonialist mentality where they expected Western managers to need to ride herd on foreign 'software sweatshop' workers.
"Wazen-Dhehbia" gateway, while Gaddafi's troops cannot ride herd on the
The company self-generates up to 40 per cent of its power, scrambles to find and retain staff to operate increasingly sophisticated machinery, and must ride herd over a stretched supply chain struggling to keep up with demand - all typical of challenges faced by the country s manufacturers.