ride roughshod

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Verb1.ride roughshod - treat inconsiderately or harshly
do by, treat, handle - interact in a certain way; "Do right by her"; "Treat him with caution, please"; "Handle the press reporters gently"
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We'll teach these magnates that they cannot ride roughshod over the rights of the commoners, confound them.
Your name's in the papers; he can't ride roughshod over You."
General secretary Mick Cash said: "It is outrageous that Tube managers are trying to bulldoze through timetable changes without agreement that ride roughshod over existing rostering agreements.
It just goes to show that the Tories are still the nasty party and will ride roughshod over anybody and everybody just to hold on to the power they think they have the right to.
"Keep on talking Christianity, Prime Minister, even if you do regularly ride roughshod over the Church's belief."
"These new proposals will allow developers to ride roughshod over local opinion.
How come cyclists ride roughshod? I MISTAKENLY veered into a cycle lane the other day (no big deal, I thought, considering how many times THEY veer into mine) and was pulled over by some snotty copper, who told me that in four weeks' time motorists who did what I did would get a PS60 fine and three points.
Every day there are examples of decisions being taken by local councils and parliament which ride roughshod over the people affected by them.
"It is fairly typical of the way that he and some other people in the Coalition have tried to ride roughshod over people's deeply-held views" - Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, hits back at Mr Clegg.
NHS trusts have been losing money so why is it their managers think they can ride roughshod over everyone else, while taking none of the blame themselves?
Two goals from John Pomphrett saw Primrose ride roughshod over Sea Horse with a 2-1 success.
[bar] SIR - It is a great shame indeed that the Vale of Glamorgan council cabinet have decided to ride roughshod over a schoolboy's winning entry to name the new Welsh-medium seed school in Barry, presumably for political reasons.