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Noun1.ridgel - a colt with undescended testicles
colt - a young male horse under the age of four
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Angela Ridgel, PhD, is Associate Professor, Department of Exercise Physiology, Kent State University, Kent, OH.
And I had a retired US serviceman Roy Ridgel to drive for us.
Angela Ridgel of Kent State University, Manthey rode an instrumented stationary or "smart" bicycle that combines the rider's own power with some periods of motorized assistance.
With the advancements of the last decade, we now have access to complex technology, such as Intelligent Transportation Systems (Arbesman & Pellerito, 2008), robotic devices (Rosenstein, Ridgel, Thota, Samame, & Alberts, 2008), and electronic aids to daily living that control home automation technologies (Lange & Smith, 2002).