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also ridge·ling  (rĭj′lĭng)
A male animal with one or two undescended testicles.

[From obsolete ridgel, perhaps from ridge (from the belief that the undescended testicles remained near the animal's back).]


(ˈrɪdʒlɪŋ) or




1. (Veterinary Science) a domestic male animal with one or both testicles undescended, esp a horse
2. (Veterinary Science) an imperfectly castrated male domestic animal
[C16: perhaps from ridge, from the belief that the undescended testicles were near the animal's ridge or back]


or ridg•ling

(ˈrɪdʒ lɪŋ)

any male animal, esp. a colt, with undescended testicles.
[1545–55; perhaps ridge + -ling1, from the belief that the undescended organs were in the animal's back]
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Noun1.ridgeling - a colt with undescended testicles
colt - a young male horse under the age of four
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Imperial Racing's ridgeling is the first U.S.-based horse to win the UAE Derby but winners of that race are 0-for-10 in the Kentucky Derby.
When one or both testes fail to descend into the scrotum, the animal is referred to as a cryptorchid or ridgeling. In horses, colts are considered cryptorchid if the testes are not descended by 15 months.
You could almost feel the heat in the air-conditioned pavilion rise as bids leapt from all corners for the athletic bay colt, who, like his sire A P Indy is a ridgeling. In the end, though, the winner was Sheikh Mohammed, a man who rarely if ever backs down when he finds a horse that fires his fancy.