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also ridge·ling  (rĭj′lĭng)
A male animal with one or two undescended testicles.

[From obsolete ridgel, perhaps from ridge (from the belief that the undescended testicles remained near the animal's back).]
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Noun1.ridgling - a colt with undescended testicles
colt - a young male horse under the age of four
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Pedigree: B Ridgling 2015, by Majestic Warrior - Exaggerate by Cat Thief.
Ridgling or cryptorchid horses are those in which one or both testes have not descended into the scrotum.
The colt, a ridgling, is out of the winning Chief's Crown mare Caveat Apt, and is by the Mr Prospector stallion Cape Canaveral, who stands at Overbrook Farm, Kentucky, for EUR7,500.