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1. The act of using words, gestures, images, or other products of expression to evoke laughter or contemptuous feelings regarding a person or thing: a remark that invited the ridicule of his classmates.
2. The words or other products of expression used in this way: was subjected to a torrent of ridicule.
tr.v. rid·i·culed, rid·i·cul·ing, rid·i·cules
To expose to ridicule; make fun of.

[French, from Latin rīdiculum, joke, from neuter of rīdiculus, laughable; see ridiculous.]

rid′i·cul′er n.
Synonyms: ridicule, mock, taunt1, deride
These verbs refer to making another the butt of amusement or mirth. Ridicule implies purposeful disparagement: "My father discouraged me by ridiculing my performances" (Benjamin Franklin).
To mock is to poke fun at someone, often by mimicking and caricaturing speech or actions: "the bear ... [devoured] the children who mocked God's servant Elisha for his baldness" (Garrison Keillor).
Taunt suggests mocking, insulting, or scornful reproach: "taunting him with want of courage to leap into the great pit" (Daniel Defoe).
Deride implies scorn and contempt: "Was all the world in a conspiracy to deride his failure?" (Edith Wharton).
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Noun1.ridiculer - a humorist who uses ridicule and irony and sarcasmridiculer - a humorist who uses ridicule and irony and sarcasm
humorist, humourist - someone who acts speaks or writes in an amusing way
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Quickly picking up on this, I observed that my full name was Albatross Heckler, obviously a synonym for an iconoclast or a ridiculer of sacred cows.
A tragedy or natural disaster often requires cartoonists to change out of the suit they are most comfortable wearing--usually occupying the role of provocateur and chief ridiculer. It can be difficult to suddenly have to produce a cartoon on deadline that conveys a sense of emotion and sympathy about an event without being trite or insensitive.
For all his faults he was, as one friend wrote, "a dedicated pacifist, a ridiculer of the goose-step, a foe of peonage and patronage.
acting as it often does as a cloak for envy, bitterness, hatred and fear, thus reducing the humanity of the ridiculer and the ridiculed.
At least he is bolder than Picasso, the ridiculer of Pollock.
Satirists and ridiculers expose our weakness and vanity when we are feeling proud.