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Noun1.riding light - a light in the rigging of a ship that is riding at anchor
light source, light - any device serving as a source of illumination; "he stopped the car and turned off the lights"
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After dark, any time he's around, change your anchorage and douse your riding light.
The riding light in the forerigging burned with a clear, untroubled, as if symbolic, flame, confident and bright in the mysterious shades of the night.
I struck out for another of these little islands, and it was from that one that I first saw your riding light.
In short, after he had gone to sleep, his fisherman's riding light had gone out, and the Apache had run over his net.
RIDING Lights Theatre Company presents 'Where adventure begins - Faith in the family' Family is far from simple.
Roughshod are from the community of York-based Riding Lights and spend their time not just in churches but schools, community centres and prisons.
Inheritance, a Riding Lights Theatre Company production, will come to the city at the end of February, follwing a successful tour in 2014.
The show was delivered by Riding Lights Theatre Company, from York, and included comedy, puppetry and seasonal storytelling.
The Riding Lights Theatre Company is touring its new play, Inheritance, which explores some of Jesus' encounters with women in the gospels.
Coproduced with Riding Lights Theatre Company, the play features a trio of con artists who set about ripping off wealthy Londoners in a vacated town house.
It's coming up to two years since the EU wide regulation came in requiring all new cars to be fitted with daylight riding lights, DRLs, and a growing number of cars have been re-designed to include them.
Certainly, the finesse with which he could balance large areas of cool, neutral colour against smaller, hotter, brighter patches and create harmonies between them the red and orange riding lights of the ship in The Port Light (c.