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Noun1.riding mower - a power mower you can ride onriding mower - a power mower you can ride on  
motor mower, power mower - a lawn mower powered by a gasoline motor
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I modified my riding mower to add a front scoop, and I can now move sand and dump it where I need it.
The caster wheel is off of a zero-turn riding mower.
The Cub Cadet RZT-S "Zero" riding mower isn't named for just the zero turn feature--that is, its extremely tight turning radius.
Bernstein claims that "no gay person has bought a riding mower--ever." Sorry, Fred: My partner, Tom, and I bought a riding mower when we purchased our house a couple of years ago.
One example is a 3-gal tank for a riding mower that is blow molded by Comfer Plastics, Tonawanda, N.Y.
They learned that Tanner's father, 35-year-old Travis Ewert, was operating a standard 18-horsepower riding mower in the front yard of the rural residence when he backed over his son, sheriff's spokesman Sgt.
But that was just my Uncle Bud draining a six-pack on his riding mower.
This versatile relay is suitable for use in automotive, off-road four-wheel, go-cart, golf-cart, snowmobile, tractor, riding mower, emergency vehicle flashing lights and similar applications.
And because Alvin Straight (played here with understated grace by Richard Farnsworth) didn't have a driver's licence and wasn't in much of a hurry he mounted his riding mower and headed out for Mount Zion, Wisconsin, where he might or might not have had an estranged brother.
I don't want to mow my meadow every week with a riding mower, but I do need to mow it once or twice per year to keep weedy trees from moving in.
HARDWICK -- An 86-year-old man was killed Wednesday when he was pinned underneath an overturned riding mower.