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Noun1.riding mower - a power mower you can ride onriding mower - a power mower you can ride on  
motor mower, power mower - a lawn mower powered by a gasoline motor
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Main features: this procurement is for the acquisition of a rotary riding mower large width for maintenance green areas of the city of Meudon.
I don't want to mow my meadow every week with a riding mower, but I do need to mow it once or twice per year to keep weedy trees from moving in.
My old riding mower works fine, except for a weak battery that needs an occasional jump start.
No one expected an electric riding mower that could run for two hours at full power.
Sorry, Fred: My partner, Tom, and I bought a riding mower when we purchased our house a couple of years ago.
One example is a 3-gal tank for a riding mower that is blow molded by Comfer Plastics, Tonawanda, N.
VENETA - The death Sunday of 2-year-old Tanner Ewert under a riding mower operated by his father was accidental, and a terrible reminder of how quickly tragedy can strike toddlers unattended around machinery, investigators said Monday.
But that was just my Uncle Bud draining a six-pack on his riding mower.
This versatile relay is suitable for use in automotive, off-road four-wheel, go-cart, golf-cart, snowmobile, tractor, riding mower, emergency vehicle flashing lights and similar applications.
But here's ``The Straight Story:'' let's buy him a riding mower and put him out on ``Mulholland Drive,'' and see if he can find the ``Lost Highway'' on his way out of town to ``Twin Peaks.
And because Alvin Straight (played here with understated grace by Richard Farnsworth) didn't have a driver's licence and wasn't in much of a hurry he mounted his riding mower and headed out for Mount Zion, Wisconsin, where he might or might not have had an estranged brother.
Tenders are invited for Supply of zero turn 60" ferris riding mower (or equal).