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Noun1.riding school - a school where horsemanship is taught and practicedriding school - a school where horsemanship is taught and practiced
school - an educational institution; "the school was founded in 1900"
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That fellow wants everyone to admire him and is very much pleased with himself," she thought, looking at a red-faced clerk, riding on a riding school horse.
Rotten Row means `Route de Roi', or the king's way, but now it's more like a riding school than anything else.
These saucer-shaped layers crop out on the margin, forming perfect rings of many different colours, giving to the summit a most fantastic appearance; one of these rings is white and broad, and resembles a course round which horses have been exercised; hence the hill has been called the Devil's Riding School.
They teach us in riding school to lie down and let our masters fire across us, but Dick Cunliffe is the only man I'd trust to do that.
ooking for a stunning farmhouse, riding school and acres of land?
Cardiff Riding School hosts children's parties on Saturdays and Sundays, from 12.
COMPENSATION has been paid to a Nuneaton riding school following a lease dispute.
The 'South Western' Stables I SAW in the ECHO the other night They may be opening a riding school In the south-end of our city Now wouldn't that just be cool?
Spanish Riding School of Vienna At the Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham 2 days from PS139.
KATIE Price has hit out at a riding school that is using one of her old show horses for lessons - claiming she believed the nag was being put out to pasture.
MULTAN -- Regional Police Officer (RPO) Sultan Azam Taimuri has ordered to functionalise horse riding school, traffic theme park, driving school and digital license branch within a month.
Caroline Wheeler-Cooper, owner of Downs Side Riding School in Penarth, who signed the petition, said roads were getting so dangerous she was thinking of issuing her riding school escorts with cameras to record and report any incidents.