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[Origin unknown.]


(Currencies) the standard monetary unit of Cambodia, divided into 100 sen


(Biography) Louis. 1844–85, Canadian politician; hanged for treason after leading the Métis people in rebellion against the Canadian government


(ril, riˈɛl)

the basic monetary unit of Cambodia.
[1955–60; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.riel - the basic unit of money in Cambodia; equal to 100 sen
sen - a fractional monetary unit of Japan and Indonesia and Cambodia; equal to one hundredth of a yen or rupiah or riel
Cambodian monetary unit - monetary unit in Cambodia
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That ride of the three Dutchmen, and Herve Riel and others, they are all right.
From the Fenian Raid of 1866 through the Riel Rebellion, the Boer War, and the First World War, Steele was an iconic figure, serving in all of Canada's major military campaigns, as well as policing western Canada during the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Yukon's Klondike gold rush.
The Riel electrical station is located near the city of Winnipeg (capital of Canada's Province of Manitoba) and is at the junction of major high voltage power lines.
The central bank of Cambodia is to promote the use of riel and reduce the use of US dollars.
Aangesien Narokkong egter 'n debuutbundel is, is dit goed moontlik dat Riel Franzsen in sy verdere groei as digter nog veel hoer sal mik
Van Riel provides a concise reconstruction of the historical context of Plato's own reception of Greek religion and theology in the fourth century BC beginning with the endeavor to morally purify the gods while paradoxically preserving the anthropomorphism of the traditional Homeric/Hesiodic account.
Riel added that the liquidation of Alpine is taking place under difficult legal and factual circumstances.
Like the devil in Paradise Lost, Louis Riel gets the best lines in Nation Maker.
Through these performances and the events surrounding this production of Louis Riel, McGill allowed us to participate in the rediscovery of a Canadian operatic icon and to dissipate some of the mystique that envelops this fascinating work.
In January, it was announced that Beacon had entered into a distribution agreement with Riel Pharma & Med.
Riel and his wife Gracellen of Sturbridge, Peter B.
Liberal MP for Winnipeg South Centre, Anita Neville stated that "Louis Riel is a symbol of the struggles that Canada had to endure in our early history, and his legacy is a matter of national importance.