rifle shot

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Noun1.rifle shot - the distance that a rifle bullet will carryrifle shot - the distance that a rifle bullet will carry; "the target was out of rifle range"
reach, range - the limits within which something can be effective; "range of motion"; "he was beyond the reach of their fire"
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There were the remains of the rude fortress in the swamp, shattered by rifle shot, and strewed with the mingled bones of savages and horses.
Here, and from the direction of the main camp, he had heard two rifle shots. And that was all.
And at the second net we were greeted by rifle shots till we desisted and went on to the third, where the manoeuvre was again repeated.
The noise of the rifle shots brought the balance of the apes to a wondering pause, and, taking advantage of their momentary distraction, Achmet Zek and his fellows leaped to their horses' backs and galloped away with the now hopeless and grief-stricken woman.
From first to last no gun whatever was fired at the Vaterland, and only a few rifle shots. It was a mere adverse stroke of chance that she had a man killed aboard her.
came the thunder of its bomb flung neatly at the forward barbette, and a thin little crackling of rifle shots in reply.
With the rifle shots of the white men showering about him he had reverted to the savagery of the beast that is inherent in each of us, but that flamed more strongly in this boy whose father had been raised a beast of prey.
North Cotabato Board Member Rolly Sacdalan said his friend 'Mayor Cuan survived, with no injuries, an assassination attempt when a gunman, using a rifle shot but missed the mayor.'
The rifle shot very well (it should) and I plan to hunt deer in Wyoming with it.
Just after the turn of the 20th century they reduced the size of the shot to 0.175-inches and called it air rifle shot. They used that name for almost a century, though they now call their ammunition BBs like everyone else.
If, as has been stated, he was lured into a hunting area and then shot with a crossbow, before being dispatched some time later with a rifle shot, then his killers were certainly not sportsmen.