rig up

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rig up

(tr, adverb) to erect or construct, esp as a temporary measure: cameras were rigged up to televise the event.
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Verb1.rig up - erect or construct, especially as a temporary measure; "Can he rig up a P.A. system?"
assemble, put together, tack together, set up, piece, tack - create by putting components or members together; "She pieced a quilt"; "He tacked together some verses"; "They set up a committee"
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يُرَكِّب الأجْهِزَه
setja saman í flÿti

w>rig up

vt sep shipauftakeln; equipmentaufbauen; (fig: = make) → improvisieren; (= arrange)arrangieren
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(rig) past tense, past participle rigged verb
to fit (a ship) with ropes and sails.
1. an oil-rig.
2. any special equipment, tools etc for some purpose.
3. the arrangement of sails etc of a sailing-ship.
ˈrigging noun
the ropes etc which control a ship's masts and sails.
rig out to dress: She was rigged out in rather odd clothes ( noun ˈrig-out: She was wearing a strange rig-out)
rig up
to build usually quickly with whatever material is available. They rigged up a rough shelter with branches and mud.
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The new well test units are designed to simplify and streamline the process of well testing by diminishing or eliminating the need to mobilize several pieces of equipment that are traditionally transported to the well site in multiple pieces on several trucks and require extensive rig up times.
Reeling the rig up causes baits to spin, badly twisting line.
Rig up by doubling the main line with either a Bimini twist or spider hitch leaving at least a 3-foot section of double line.