right along

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Adv.1.right along - all the time or over a period of time; "She had known all along"; "the hope had been there all along"
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Then the Reverend Hobson opened up, slow and solemn, and begun to talk; and straight off the most outrageous row busted out in the cellar a body ever heard; it was only one dog, but he made a most powerful racket, and he kept it up right along; the parson he had to stand there, over the coffin, and wait -- you couldn't hear yourself think.
It injured the frauds some; but the old fool he bulled right along, spite of all the duke could say or do, and I tell you the duke was powerful uneasy.
"It was in my mind right along, if we went to the meeting, some such thing might happen, on account of Mr.
Why didn't your missionaries come right along with you?"
"Suppose 'm you give 'm me ten stick, all right along me," came the reply.
"Right along," answered the young lady, "I'm with you, but as to writing Mr.
Things happened right along. Cecily declared she hated to go to sleep for fear she might miss something.
The mother of three said that if her offspring did not go right along to the end of the car and look at the pretty trees trouble must infallibly ensue.
He was poking along through his ups and downs, and when he come to that place he went right along. He says:
They wore their plumed hats, right along, ex- cept that whenever one addressed himself directly to the king, he lifted his hat a trifle just as he was begin- ning his remark.
I said as much, and thanked my agent cordially, and told him to take his umbrella and try the thing right away, and wave his hat when he got down, if he struck in a soft place, and then I would ship the rest right along.
There are black rubbish bags adorning Stratford Road and Stoney Lane and the parking chaos starts at the Old Angel pub right along to Brighton Road.