right coronary artery

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Noun1.right coronary artery - arises from the right aortic sinusright coronary artery - arises from the right aortic sinus; supplies the right side of the heart
arteria coronaria, coronary artery - the artery that branches from the aorta to supply blood to the heart
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Involvement of interior descending branch, involvement of right coronary artery, multi-branch lesions and entirely occlusive coronary artery differed significantly between the two groups (P0.05) (Table-V).
We analyzed the macroscopic appearance, location and relationship of right coronary artery with supernumerary arteries and divided them into basic groups.
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The technique used for surgical repair is influenced by the location of the ostium of the right coronary artery in the pulmonary artery [9, 13].
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Caption: Figure 1: Echocardiogram: (a) Massive ectasia and aneurysmal dilatation of the right coronary artery (16 mm x 17 mm) (A), aorta (B), and left coronary artery (C).
CAAs are a common finding mostly in patients undergoing coronary angiography (prevalence up to 5%), are located mostly on the right coronary artery, can be multiple in a fourth of the diagnoses, and their management depends on the size and clinical presentation.
The most involved artery is LAD in almost 75% of the cases described, followed by right coronary artery (RCA) in 20% of the cases, and the left main coronary artery in 6 to 12% of cases whereas the circumflex artery participates in it less frequently [14, 15].
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Pn-1 is the tip of right coronary artery which showed its starting point and is estimated from point D.