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Favoring the outlawing of abortion on the ground that it is the taking of a human life; pro-life.

right′-to-lif′er n.
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US someone who supports the right to life of the unborn and opposes abortion, experiments on embryos, etc
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"Propaganda doesn't come more putrid than Unplanned," Schager writes, "which is the perfect way to spend a Friday or Saturday night if you're a die-hard right-to-lifer who views Planned Parenthood as a scourge upon the face of the Earth.
Characters include the husband of a Korean war bride who doesn't wish to westernize, the cleaning lady in Madame Curie's laboratory who shares her employer's fascination with radium, an ignorant British ex-pat living in Asia who discovers she will not be invited to the prince's annual gala, a married pair of circus performers who yearn to make love standing on their heads, a scientist in an imperiled commune of like-minded idealists, a slick fire eater in a traveling tent show, the conflicted teenage daughter of a high-profile evangelical right-to-lifer, and others.
"If a closeted gay politician had an antigay record, I hope people would say `Oh, that's good to know.' It would be the same if a right-to-lifer helped his daughter get an abortion or if [gun-control activist] Sarah Brady owned an Uzi."
Not once have I ever heard or read of a right-to-lifer taking to task the men who are impregnating these women.
During Anita Hill's testimony in the hearings on Clarence Thomas' nomination to the Supreme Court, Richard Nixon told his biographer, Monica Crowley: "If I were [George] Bush and Thomas is defeated and I needed to choose another nominee, I'd stick it to all of them and go for a white woman reactionary card-carrying right-to-lifer! That would drive them crazy!" This is, of course, exactly what Nixon did when the Senate rejected Clement Haynesworth in 1970.
Fortunately, many online resources for the right-to-lifer already exist.
Back then, he seemed a right-wing crank, an intolerant right-to-lifer whose reactionary views on abortion, homosexuality, and religion made him incapable of serving the larger public interest.
Mondale made the mistake of snootily telling Coleman, "You have been an arbitrary right-to-lifer. I am not, and that's one of the big, many issues that divide us."
We have more pro-life senators this year than we had prior to last November's elections, because of the extraordinary work of right-to-lifers around the country in this last election cycle, especially National Right to Life, its affiliates, chapters and volunteers.
Again, I want to underscore that the right-to-life movement in politics --not all right-to-lifers in the country, clearly, but the right-to-life movement in politics--made support of the Affordable Care Act itself a form of support for abortion, which simply wasn't true.
The profile of a dangerous "domestic terrorist" has already been set down in policy in a number of federal departments, including the military: gun owners who take seriously the need for self-defense, right-to-lifers, people obsessed with an outdated Constitution, those who doubt the eternal benevolence of the federal power or the soundness of federal money.
After all, according to orthodox life-begins-at-conception true believers, George Tiller was no more of a "mass murderer" than any other abortion provider, or, for that matter, a technician discarding frozen embryos at a fertility clinic or a pharmacist dispensing Plan B contraceptive pills (a practice dubbed "abortifacients" by virtually all right-to-lifers).