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Favoring the outlawing of abortion on the ground that it is the taking of a human life; pro-life.

right′-to-lif′er n.


US someone who supports the right to life of the unborn and opposes abortion, experiments on embryos, etc
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Right-to-Lifers applauded a momentous move by the Senate, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.
Again, I want to underscore that the right-to-life movement in politics --not all right-to-lifers in the country, clearly, but the right-to-life movement in politics--made support of the Affordable Care Act itself a form of support for abortion, which simply wasn't true.
The profile of a dangerous "domestic terrorist" has already been set down in policy in a number of federal departments, including the military: gun owners who take seriously the need for self-defense, right-to-lifers, people obsessed with an outdated Constitution, those who doubt the eternal benevolence of the federal power or the soundness of federal money.
By conflating the antiabortion movement with people like Roeder, Singular doesn't simply slur the vast majority of nonviolent right-to-lifers.
With the lack of grounding in any consistent socio-political philosophy to define normative values, politics becomes emotional and hypocritical, producing individuals who at the same time identify themselves as right-to-lifers yet support immoral wars that incinerate Middle Eastern women and children with cluster bombs and white phosphorus.
There are deer hunters, rednecks, right-to-lifers, and everybody else here.
One of the biggest changes you're seeing this year is that Democrats are no longer hiding their own right-to-lifers, they're bringing them out.
The McCain-Feingold law denies to gunfolks and right-to-lifers their basic First Amendment right to name friends and foes in ads run before elections.
Right-to-lifers and their opponents take up arms over the case of a drug-taking, hard-drinking small-town hellraiser dragged in front of the courts and ordered to have an abortion.
Yet running deeper is the space that such events opens up between the old positions of a simple battle between the right-to-lifers and the right-to-die movement.
My letter to the editor was published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and I was pilloried by the right-to-lifers, who, however, were unable to find any flaw in the Journal poll I cited.
A crisis is finally reached when the fanatical Isabel and her supporters, including Mahalia and a busload of right-to-lifers from out of town, picket Stein High to protest the teaching of the controversial poem, "the mother.