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1. Right or proper; just.
2. Having a just or proper claim: Return this dog to its rightful owner.
3. Held or owned by just or proper claim: This land is my rightful property.

right′ful·ly adv.
right′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.rightfulness - anything in accord with principles of justice; "he feels he is in the right"; "the rightfulness of his claim"
justice, justness - the quality of being just or fair
wrong, wrongfulness - that which is contrary to the principles of justice or law; "he feels that you are in the wrong"
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The moral quality of a course of action:
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"Zarif is not only a Foreign Minister rather is the voice of rightfulness of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Diplomatic language," it said.
In the Roman tradition that came to dominate European thinking on justice, iusis "law" and "lawfulness," "right" and "rightfulness." Justice is a juridical and judicial virtue (and the terms are, obviously, etymologically related, as is jurisdiction).
"It will ensure the rightfulness and objectivity of the record of time worked."Impossible at some jobsThe National Union of Employers (RaSZ) does not agree with the verdict, claiming that it is at odds with the current employment trends.
The poet provides the reader with several arguments to assert the rightfulness of the American cause at a political, social and even moral level.
The Zionist colonial project also necessitates the complete erasure and stamping out of any expression of Palestinian history and culture, not to mention the rightfulness of the Palestinian struggle for justice and freedom.
It also renews its confidence in the rightfulness of the political and national choices of Prime Minister Hariri and his courageous initiatives to end the constitutional vacuum in the presidency and move the country to the compromise that restored the respect for concept of the state, constitution and institutions.
The deputy foreign minister then explained that Iran has not taken the case to court to see the US lose the trial, but has launched the process to "display the Islamic Republic of Iran's rightfulness to the international community."
The institutions have failed to convince the population of their rightfulness in the Strandzha case.
(Osburg, 2018) The rightfulness and credibility of anti-corruption implementation are determined not only by the reprimand of wrongful behavior (Brown, 2018; Olssen, 2017; Popescu, Comanescu, and Manole, 2017) but also by the impartiality of the process of putting into practice (Deng, 2018; Fabre, 2017; Gang and Yano, 2017; Kim, Li, and Tarzia, 2018; Kong, Wang, and Wang, 2017; Li et al., 2017; Ying and Liu, 2018), because objectives of disclosure and prevention are harmonized with the rights of suspects.
Moreover, he must justify how these different degrees of punishment are to be applied, so that anyone may be able to appraise and judge the rightfulness of the punishment imposed.
They have been able to use the instruments of state to justify to themselves and to their agents the rightfulness of their actions.