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1. Right or proper; just.
2. Having a just or proper claim: Return this dog to its rightful owner.
3. Held or owned by just or proper claim: This land is my rightful property.

right′ful·ly adv.
right′ful·ness n.
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Noun1.rightfulness - anything in accord with principles of justice; "he feels he is in the right"; "the rightfulness of his claim"
justice, justness - the quality of being just or fair
wrong, wrongfulness - that which is contrary to the principles of justice or law; "he feels that you are in the wrong"


The moral quality of a course of action:
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The established jurisprudence in European law and the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights affirm our rightfulness.
That there is now an emerging national consensus towards mass movement as the way forward, is a vindication of the rightfulness of what we have seen and been doing for a while with our own movement in Ogun State.
This is also the clearest indicator of our countryآ's and the Turkish peopleآ's rightfulness in no longer being able to take seriously the EP which has long lost its credibility.
The evil, whatever it was, was the result of perverted intelligence or perverted nature; and your systems of force have left that intelligence and that nature unchanged; and you have done that most dangerous of all things--you have strengthened the general belief in the rightfulness and usefulness of employing force.
While Greek historians and politicians emphasize the rightfulness of the incorporation of this region in the Hellenic state, Macedonian historians note that Macedonians were the majority in the Aegean part of Macedonia before the Balkan Wars and that therefore the forceful conquest of this territory by Greece was illegitimate.
IGP while talking to media said that Ashraf Noor was a dedicated and pious man who was known among the force and fellow colleagues for his professionalism and rightfulness.
Talking to media after the funeral prayers, IGP said that Ashraf Noor was a dedicated and pious man who was known among the force and fellow colleagues for his professionalism and rightfulness.
and if the settlements were concluded for the sake of immediate interests and at the expense of the blood of martyrs, it does not mean that the march is not right but rather entails more attachment to rightfulness and resistance for the sake of Lebanon," said Gemayel.
He added that the attack proves once again the rightfulness of Operation Decisive Storm, under the leadership of the Kingdom, stressing his "absolute confidence in victory and the total elimination of any attempt to undermine our security and stability," WAM reported.
The presence and undertakings of self-governing public officials advancing policy away (Howe, 2015) from public examination in novel worldwide governance realms raises intricate issues of rightfulness and responsibility.
This tactic also speaks to the currency of ethics in arguing the rightfulness of immigration and asylum control.
ethics can be defined as "the systematic study of human actions from the point of view of their rightfulness or wrongfulness as means for the attainment of the ultimate happiness.