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 (rī′tē) Informal
n. pl. right·ies
1. A right-handed person.
2. An advocate or member of the political right.
With the right hand or in a right-handed manner: throws righty; eats righty.


n, pl righties
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a right-winger
2. chiefly US and Canadian a right-handed person


(ˈraɪ ti)
n., pl. right•ies,
adj., adv. Informal. n.
1. a right-handed person.
adj. adv.
3. with the right hand.


n (inf)
(Pol) → Rechte(r) mf
(esp US: = right-handed person) → Rechtshänder(in) m(f)
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If you look at his numbers during the course of the season, hes pretty much been that guy, though hes gotten better against righties recently.
Participants had to indicate which word in a series didn't fit the pattern - and righties performed slightly better.
Righties are partial to the right side line and lefties to the left one.
There were many theories, one of which was simply because the ink would smudge if he were to write like we righties dofrom left to right of the page.
The lefties dissect their living experience while the righties look at the overall year as a whole.
On the flip side, lefties are more likely to be "schizophrenic, alcoholic, delinquent, dyslexic, and have Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, as well as mental disabilities" than righties,(http://abcnews.
Prime contenders are lefties Hideki Okajima, Rich Hill, Dennys Reyes, Andrew Miller and Doubront, and righties Alfredo Aceves, Scott Atchison, Matt Albers and Michael Bowden.
Muscles are more developed on the left side of the body on a lefty individual, causing the body to take on a "C" shape with the left side of the head farther forward, whereas righties take on the opposite shape.
But to the extent that Righties want to keep what is good in society and Lefties want to change what is bad, are they inherently incompatible?
Now some could argue that this must be because certain life support systems are located in the left hemisphere, which gives righties an advantage in longevity.
For righties, a region near the back of the left brain fosters the capacity to focus on distinguishable parts of an object rather than on the whole entity, as previous research indicated.
The glove's extra digit is not a tribute to the villain of "The Princess Bride," but rather a way to make one reversible glove that will fit both righties and lefties.