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1. Not flexible or pliant; stiff: a rigid material. See Synonyms at stiff.
2. Not moving or flexing: rigid muscles.
3. Not changing or adjusting to different conditions or problems: a rigid thinker; a rigid hierarchy.
4. Scrupulously or severely maintained or performed; rigorous or harsh: rigid discipline.
5. Being an airship with a external frame made of rigid parts.

[Middle English rigide, from Latin rigidus, from rigēre, to be stiff; see reig- in Indo-European roots.]

rig′id·ly adv.
rig′id·ness n.
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Noun1.rigidness - the physical property of being stiff and resisting bending
inelasticity - the lack of elasticity
inflexibility, inflexibleness - a lack of physical flexibility
2.rigidness - the quality of being rigid and rigorously severe
unadaptability - the inability to change or be changed to fit changed circumstances




(ˈridʒid) adjective
1. completely stiff; not able to be bent (easily). An iron bar is rigid.
2. very strict, and not likely to change. rigid rules; rigid discipline; rigid views on education; a stern, rigid headmaster.
ˈrigidly adverb
ˈrigidness, riˈgidity noun
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When we look at putting these types of devices into a flexible form factor, rigidness works against us," said Dan Berrigan, Ph.
Due to its rigidness and heat resistance, it was being used in floor tiles, paper products, roof sealing and coating and in the packaging of materials.
Elements from these spaces are condensed, combined, scattered and dissected, to try and express relationships I see everywhere between the organic and the structural, fluidity against rigidness.
Contrary to the rigidness of India on certain issues including relating to issuance of medical visas, Pakistan has once again demonstrated flexibility in its position with regard to the meeting of Indian spy Kulbushan Jhadav with his relatives by granting permission to the wife and mother to meet Jhadav who was arrested in March 2016 from an area in Balochistan and stands convicted on charges of coordinating and organizing terrorist attacks to sabotage peace within the country.
The ulema's rigidness over the matter seems increasingly less about Khatam-e-Nabuwat and more about a show of force something that they have unfortunately been successful in displaying.
Weiser reads Costa's "change of heart" more as a critique of Sebastian's rigidness as the film's cinematic historian (281).
at Buffalo found that altering the volume of a cell changed its internal dynamics, including the rigidness of the matrix lining the outer surface.
The research found that altering the volume of a cell changed its internal dynamics, including the rigidness of the matrix lining the outer surface.
As elsewhere, the reification of formal organizations introduced greater rigidness and more clearly defined boundaries between both parties concerned, and, among KIS, a new formalized orthodoxy and orthopraxy as well as mechanisms to safeguard it.
Until now, design engineers have been limited to circuit board design technology, which comes with its own restrictions due to hard wiring necessities and the bulk and rigidness of the circuit boards.
They urged India to shun its rigidness and stubborn approach towards the Kashmir dispute and understand that without its resolution, peace in South Asia was impossible.
Nitish Kumar, who has a clean imgae, could not stand with the rigidness of Tejashwi Yadav to continue in the cabinet and he was left with no choice but to resign himself.