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1. Characterized by or adhering to strict standards or methods; exacting and thorough: a rigorous study of the medication; a rigorous researcher.
a. Harsh, severe, or demanding: a rigorous taskmaster; a rigorous schedule.
b. Very unpleasant or inclement: a rigorous climate.
3. Adhering strictly to a belief or ideology; uncompromising or inflexible: a rigorous Catholic; a rigorous sense of correctness.

rig′or·ous·ly adv.
rig′or·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.rigorousness - something hard to endurerigorousness - something hard to endure; "the asperity of northern winters"
difficultness, difficulty - the quality of being difficult; "they agreed about the difficulty of the climb"
sternness - the quality (as of scenery) being grim and gloomy and forbidding; "the sternness of his surroundings made him uncomfortable"
2.rigorousness - excessive sternness; "severity of character"; "the harshness of his punishment was inhuman"; "the rigors of boot camp"
sternness, strictness - uncompromising resolution


The fact or condition of being rigorous and unsparing:
شِدَّه، قَسْوَه، صَرامَه
strangleiki, harka


(American) rigor (ˈrigə) noun
1. strictness; harshness.
2. (also ˈrigours noun plural) (of weather etc) the state of being very bad or unpleasant, or the hardship caused by this. the rigour(s) of life in the Arctic Circle.
ˈrigorous adjective
1. strict. a rigorous training.
2. harsh; unpleasant. a rigorous climate.
ˈrigorously adverb
ˈrigorousness noun
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Further investigations into changes of analytical approach, rigorousness of CRA methodologies, interactions between CRAs and issuers and the issuance process of structured finance ratings were also carried out.
Religion and advertising in the consumer society (2014), Etica si administratia publica sub presiunea eticii (2015)) are under the sign of a beneficial rationalizing posture which, beyond the constitutive balance and natural call on method and rigorousness, is capable to finely delineate multiple phenomena, concepts, connections that are relevant for the spiritual and symbolic geography of today's world.
This is not a reflection of the thoroughness or rigorousness of the author's approach, but rather is simply one of the occupational hazards involved in empirical analysis of a moving target like Pirate Politics.
Piotroski, 2014) Satisfactory financial accounting may inoculate rigorousness, advance reliability, and enable systematic management (full financial disclosure may put forward public accountability).
t]he term science came more and more to be confined to the physical and biological disciplines which at the same time began to claim for themselves a special rigorousness and certainty which distinguished them from all others.
Initially was seen as being based more on opinion than rigorousness.
Its presuppositions are: a) quality criteria are socially and historically constructed; b) it is not possible to simply transfer criteria from other areas, especially the so-called hard or exact sciences; c) objectivity, which is not opposed to subjectivity, can be understood as search for rigorousness.
Prepare to be in the regulatory spotlight to a vastly increased extent, by increasing the rigorousness of client assessments.
This new paradigm could lead to renewed rigorousness and common cause with the rest of the medical community.
Final assessment--Triangulation: As a method of testing research information, triangulation adopts more than two resources to obtain full understanding, and demonstrate a specific reference point or topic, with the aim of enhancing the rigorousness and reliability of research.
428, 434 (1992) ("The rigorousness of our inquiry into the propriety of a state election law depends upon the extent to which a challenged regulation burdens First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.
The analysis of each part is not of equal length or of equal argumentative rigorousness for that matter; the serious reading is seriously downplayed, in fact, as it is analysed in under two pages, without paying heed to important and excellent studies such as that of Shumate.