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or Ri·o  (rē′ō)
For names of South American rivers, see the specific element; for example, Plata, Río de la, or Roosevelt, Rio.
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Noun1.Rio - the former capital and 2nd largest city of BrazilRio - the former capital and 2nd largest city of Brazil; chief Brazilian port; famous as a tourist attraction
Brasil, Brazil, Federative Republic of Brazil - the largest Latin American country and the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world; located in the central and northeastern part of South America; world's leading coffee exporter
Carioca - a native or inhabitant of Rio de Janeiro
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[ˈriːəʊ] nRio
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Rio (de Janeiro)

nRio (de Janeiro) nt
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Finalmente, se realizo una sesion plenaria donde los coordinadores de los cinco GT efectuaron un balance del intercambio y de las discusiones que tuvieron lugar durante el IX Seminario, proyectando un conjunto de interrogantes que encuadraran las discusiones del proximo Seminario Internacional de la RII a realizarse en Mexico en mayo de 2008.
The very same rounds that expand well and thus were unduly praised in the RII report are now unfairly ridiculed for their reduced penetration.
A 1990 EPA report to Congress, (Rainfall Induced Infiltration Into Sewer Systems, Report to Congress August, 1990, 430/09-90-005), indicates the characteristics and problems associated with RII include:
Generally, there are 3 (three) high-score variables of RII in the labor factors.
Rii gave her observations to the Inquirer during the Philippines-Korea Icomos Exchange Program recently held at the Thomas Aquinas Research Complex of University of Santo Tomas Graduate School (USTGS), following a five-day tour of Ifugao, Mountain Province and the Ilocos provinces.
The RII, SII, and 95% confidence intervals (CI) for all-cause and cause-specific stillbirth, by period and for all periods combined, were obtained in regression models using the SAS GENMOD procedure for binomial outcomes, specifying a logarithmic (RII) or identity (SII) link and accounting for the added variance due to imputation.
Judge Rolando Mislang enjoined Romero and his two firms, RII Builders and RII Holdings, to stop misrepresenting themselves as owners of Harbor Centre.
El IX Seminario Internacional de la Red Iberoamericana de Investigadores sobre Globalizacion y Territorio (RII) se realizara en la ciudad de Bahia Blanca (Argentina), entre el 16 y el 19 de mayo de 2006, organizado por los Departamentos de Economia y de Geografia y Turismo de la Universidad Nacional del Sur, el Centro de Investigaciones Urbano Regionales (CIUR) y la Maestria en Desarrollo y Gestion Territorial (con sus sedes asociadas de las Universidades de Rio Cuarto y Rosario).
One or two base deletions of a polyadenine tract, the [(A).sub.10] repeat, of the TGF-[beta] type II receptor (TGF-[beta] RII) gene reportedly were detected recently in 90% of hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancers and some sporadic colorectal cancers with microsatellite instability [13-15], indicating that the [(A).sub.10] repeat is a hot spot of mutation.
to render Port Ancillary Services and Services Management since January 2007, filed a formal complaint against the elder Romero and his RII Builders Inc.
Como parte de los trabajos que desde 1994 desarrolla la Red de Investigadores sobre Globalizacion y Territorio (RII), en el marco de su VIII Seminario celebrado en Rio de Janeiro, el pasado 25 de mayo se reunieron directores y editores de revistas del area para participar en el Primer Taller de Editores de Revistas Iberoamericanas sobre temas de Globalizacion y Territorio.