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also rijs·ta·fel  (rīs′tä′fəl)
A traditional Indonesian meal in which a wide variety of foods and sauces are served with rice.

[Dutch : rijst, rice (from Middle Dutch rijs, from Old French ris; see rice) + Dutch tafel, table (from Middle Dutch tafele, from Vulgar Latin *tavola, from Latin tabula, tablet, board).]
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(Cookery) an Indonesian food consisting of a selection of rice dishes to which are added small pieces of a variety of other foods, such as meat, fish, fruit, pickles, and curry
[from Dutch rijst rice + tafel table]
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The Netherlands' colonial past in Indonesia has left a long-established south-east Asian food scene throughout the city, which means the chance to enjoy some sumptuous rijsttafel is an occasion not to be missed.
It's the only Balinese in town and if you are coming all this way, you may as well dive in for the rijsttafel ($43, pounds 27) a banquet showcasing the variety of preparations.
But bigger portions can also be combined to create a proper meal, rather like the Greek meze, the Dutch rijsttafel and the Indian thali.
(4) The term may be spelled with one t or two, and one f or two, in any of the four possible permutations: rijstafel, rijsttafel, rijstaffel, or rijsttaffel.
A visit to the Netherlands is not complete without enjoying a rijsttafel. A rijsttafel, or "rice table," as any Dutchman knows, is the most famous Indonesian meal, an array of savory dishes: braised pork, pork satay, and ribs served with white rice.
Many of these foreign, heretofore exotic foods will change the face of the American diet, especially as young people travel and grow up eating rijsttafel and pho instead of macaroni and cheese.
Dutch cuisine was fairly bland until traders from the country incorporated (and renamed) the Indonesian rijsttafel (rice table), an opulent buffet of delicacies served with pungent sauces and steamy rice.