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(used with a sing. or pl. verb) A pâté made of pork, goose, or other meat that is chopped, seasoned, and slowly cooked in fat.

[French, from diminutive of Old French rille, long strip of fat pork, dialectal variant of earlier reille, shingle, plank, from Latin rēgula, straight piece of wood, lath; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]
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(rɪˈlɛts; riːˈjɛt)
pl n
potted meat, usually pork, similar to pâté
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The duck rillettes (PS6.60) were almost pate-like in their texture, rich and wellflavoured, while the sizeable pork and pistachio terrine (PS6.90) left you wanting more.
IHowever good the execution, it's easy to find the dishes don't break any new ground, playing out predictable tropes, such as some kind of rillettes or parfait, beef with a bit of traditional veg, pan-fried fish with a classic sauce - you get my drift.
The rabbit pot is an ideal way of preserving game meat and tastes like a cross between a pate and a rillettes. It was a very small portion though that lacked the wow factor for me personally.
Vermont Pork Head Cheese Rillettes Salad with Pineapple Tumis Vinaigrette
In a more pretentious restaurant, Mrs S's ham hock rillettes might have been described as deconstructed.
These are some of the words which appear on its two densely printed pages: "crackling," "plaice," "kid," "blue cheese," "cumin," "profiterole," "Jerusalem artichoke," "tart," "bouillabaisse," "squid," "roe," "date," "brisket," "rillettes," and "minke." To all this and more, the customers can point and have it prepared, with knowledge and flair, by the chef and his helpers before I or Vanessa, for example, bring out the dishes and the guests raise it to their mouths bit by bit.
The 200 guests enjoyed a selection of canapes from the Palm Court evening menu, including dishes such as cured and confit trout with crab rillettes and whipped goat's cheese bon bon.
Bronte Aurell offers the best of Scandinavian culture, with recipes ranging from sharing plates like mackerel rillettes with rye crisps to a Midsummer Strawberry Cake.
Dishes include goat's cheese and spinach bread and butter pudding, and Hillhouse Farm duck rillettes with sticky damson jam and sourdough crusts - perfectly prepared by head chef Ben Peverill.