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Variant of rhymer.
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(Poetry) a variant of rhymester
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also rimer
One who writes poetry:
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"Langland wrote altogether in metre," he says, "but not after the manner of our rimers that write nowadays (for his verses end not alike), but the nature of his metre is to have three words, at the least, in every verse which begin with some one letter.
Lindsay Jo Rimer, 13, was last seen almost 23 years ago on the evening of November 7, 1994, after going out to buy cereal from a shop in Hebden Bridge.
Le second prix est decerne a Benamar Saida (Oran) qui a egalement fait rimer ces vers en kabyle.
virginicum found in eight contiguous counties (Rimer and Summers, 2006; Rimer pers.
Goodwill Industries of Dallas has named Kirk Rimer, co-head of Crow Holdings Capital Investment Partners, to the organization's board of directors, the company said.
The caper began when 27-year-old Roxanne Rimer ran out of a Kohl's store in Center Township, Pa., with a load of merchandise she neglected to pay for.
The TTM is a commonly used model to understand health behaviour change (Glanz & Bishop, 2010; Glanz, Lewis & Rimer, 1996; Glanz, Rimer & Lewis, 2002; Glanz, Rimer & Vishwanath, 2008; Painter, Borber, Hynes, Mays & Glanz, 2008).
The family of Amy Rademaker, the other teenager killed in the Wisconsin crash, was also unable to find a lawyer to take on GM unless they financed the case themselves, said Ken Rimer, Weigel's stepfather.
APHA member Barbara Rimer, DrPH, MPH, dean of the University of North Carolina Gillings School of Global Public Health, said her work on HPV vaccination as chair of the President's Cancer Panel has made her aware of the threats to vaccination and how easy it is to undermine people's trust in vaccines.
Theory also provides a means to use an evaluative component to refine or fine tune their programs further while also helping to reach more of their target audience (Glanz, Rimer, & Lewis 2002).
If the challenge - said by top judge, Lord Justice Rimer, to have a "convincing prospect of success" - is successful, Ms Muir could be left facing the bill for the horse, plus the legal costs run up by Mr Palmer to date.