n. pl. ri·mo·nim (rĭm′ō-nēm′)
An ornamented finial, usually of silver, used in Ashkenazic Judaism to decorate the rollers of a Torah scroll and in Sephardic Judaism to decorate a Torah scroll case.

[Medieval Hebrew rimmôn, pomegranate, rimon, from Hebrew, pomegranate; akin to Akkadian nurmû, lurmû, from a non-Semitic source akin to Sumerian nurma and Old Armenian nuṙn.]
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RAMALLAH, Tuesday, September 03, 2019 (WAFA) - More than 200 Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jail of Rimon ended today their hunger strike that they started yesterday in protest against installation of jamming devices in the prison, which they fear cause cancer, and demanding better conditions for women prisoners in nearby Damon prison, according the Detainees and Ex Detainees Commission.
Undefeated Lorenz Ladrada of Cagayan de Oro City will fight the dangerous Rimon "Rapido" Rama of Cebu on Aug.
Committee members Shawkat Hasanur Tahman Rimon, Monoranjansheel Gopal, Mahmud-Us-Samad Chowdhury, Illias Uddin Molla, HM Ibrahim, Begum Ratna Ahmed and Tahmina Begum attended the meeting.
Founder Gal Rimon said: "Gameffective is proud to partner with Wren Data, a true innovator in effective contact centre solutions."
This was applying by mainly breaking into prisons by special units especially at Ofer Prison, Naqab Prison, and Rimon Prison.
CEU Advisory Group served as strategic advisor and Rimon Law served as legal advisor to Content Analytics.
Moreover, Palestinian prisoners are calling on Israeli officials to reverse punitive measures introduced in Naqab and Rimon prisons in the wake of recent riots there.
The demands of the prisoners also include the withdrawal from the penalties imposed on in Negev and Rimon prisons.
The Meir Rimon Commissioning Assistance Fund was established by the Advisory Council of the International Horn Society in 1989.
One of Egypt's most popular wedding photographers, Rimon Markiz has managed to create a unique way of taking pictures of the bride.
The naval commandos, Rimon desert warfare unit, Oketz canine unit, and the Yahalom combat engineering unit were the first to receive the new gear.
Summary: Rimon Law recently announced that leading entertainment attorney Jill Berliner is joining the international law firm.