ring down

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w>ring down

vt sep to ring down the curtain (Theat) → den Vorhang niedergehen lassen; to ring down the curtain on something (fig, on project) → einen Schlussstrich unter etw (acc)ziehen; on eraden Vorhang über etw (acc)fallen lassen
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Reddy, "Phase-shift cavity ring down spectroscopy set-up for NO2 sensing: design and fabrication," Defence Science Journal, vol.
central banks already extraordinary push to b ring down borrowing costs and help growth.
My sister lost her engagement ring down her kitchen sink.
Frank Dillon, defending, said Shawcross had admitted offences that "carry a particular stain that will ring down the decades" with him.
WHEN BAJAJ Auto decided to ring down the curtains on its iconic ' Hamara Bajaj' scooters and shift focus to motorcycles, everyone thought that the era of scooters had ended.
At the time of her break-up with Clarke in March, Bingle was accused of flushing the 200,000-dollar diamond ring down the toilet at the couple's then Bondi apartment.
Plus, he has a tank on him -he keeps going and can mix it well and close the ring down."
"He is also clever at cutting the ring down and will be one step ahead of Wayne.
Assembly and reassembly takes about a minute on a slow day; one simply inserts the rear of the barrel into a threaded steel insert in the front of the receiver, lining the two up, and screwing the retaining ring down tight.
Hatton, 29, said: "With someone like Malignaggi you've got to cut the ring down, get in close.
Otherwise, you can screw the ring down tight but not truly have a solid connection.
This gentleman concerned had better give Delia a ring down in Norwich and find out about their gastronomic delights.