ring down

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w>ring down

vt sep to ring down the curtain (Theat) → den Vorhang niedergehen lassen; to ring down the curtain on something (fig, on project) → einen Schlussstrich unter etw (acc)ziehen; on eraden Vorhang über etw (acc)fallen lassen
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Hatton, 29, said: "With someone like Malignaggi you've got to cut the ring down, get in close.
Otherwise, you can screw the ring down tight but not truly have a solid connection.
This gentleman concerned had better give Delia a ring down in Norwich and find out about their gastronomic delights.
If he does ring down the curtain on his Scotland appearances, Smith will lose a vital part of the team, but McNamara's final, decision, which will not be made lightly, must be respected.
We didn't call an inquiry as we didn't suspect anything untoward, but as we had a photo finish to the race, we used the time to ring down to the starter and check that he was satisfied with what had happened.
He's got to work behind his jab, cut the ring down and he's got to keep Medina on his back foot.
Joe El Abd and Nic Rouse are playing for England Students against their Italian counterparts on Saturday leaving Caerphilly coach Mark Ring down to the bare bones in selection.
If that was all Jefferson had ever done, his name would still ring down through the ages--but of course he did much more: Jefferson served as ambassador to France, governor of Virginia and president of the United States.
Boston native Sean Curran brought his company to the Emerson Majestic Theater to ring down the curtain.
Micha's magnificent words ring down the succeeding centuries of christendom, as relevant and challenging today as when they were first written, still not quite drowned out in the cacophony of materialism: "And what doth the Lord require of thee?
Christoph Schlingensief, filmmaker, talk-show host, theater director, and a specialist in the art of provocation, recently organized a "Wagner Rally 99-the Ring in Africa" in Namibia (Schlingensief's pseudo-exorcistic attempt to "set the Nibelungen Ring down in the sand and save ourselves" was sympathetically covered by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung).
Screw the die's lock ring down until it touches the top of the press.