Ring fence

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a fence which encircles a large area, or a whole estate, within one inclosure.
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Global Banking News-October 21, 2015--Barclays said to be looking to circumvent ring fencing rules
Ring fencing of health spending will under the Tories' Comprehensive Spending Review result in a reduction to education in Wales of 25%.
The ring fencing has now been removed, giving West Midlands councils discretion over how they use a pounds 2.
Ring Fencing is a feature of the South African mining tax legislation that regards each mine as a separate entity for income tax purposes.
In particular, MPSC has stated in public filings that any potential transactions involving NWEC should comply with the ring fencing provisions established as part of NWEC's bankruptcy settlement.
The Bank of England has said that commercial banks might be required to hold more capital under ring fencing rules.
In addition, the favorable regulatory protections, or ring fencing, provided by the Virginia Affiliates Act allows for a three-notch separation of ratings between VEPCO and its parent.
Global Banking News-September 28, 2015--British banks to resist ring fencing
Global Banking News-September 3, 2015--HSBC to modify name to cope with ring fencing laws
In order to get around ring fencing rules, Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) has applied for a new banking license, Reuters reported.
British finance minister, George Osborne, has said that the government would not lighten rules related to ring fencing in the UK, Reuters has reported.
Global Banking News-August 5, 2014--Former BoE head says Australian banks could adopt ring fencing