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Thrushes flooded in from the continent too Redwings audible on their night-time migration whilst Ring Ouzels turned up at several locations.
Rare wildlife includes otters, red grouse, golden plovers, curlews, ring ouzels and peregrine falcons.
It is also the home of red kites, buzzards, dippers, peregrine falcons and ravens, with seasonal visits from ring ouzels and redstarts.
uk, A remote, wild landscape with rare plants, peregrine falcons, ring ouzels and feral goats makes this reserve one of Scotland's upland jewels, with the star attraction being a dramatic 200ft waterfall.
Ring ouzels, the mountain blackbird, have been returning to upland nesting areas, hopefully to be recorded by RSPB surveyors completing a UK census.
Two pairs of ring ouzels had been spotted breeding at Dove Stone Reservoir.
RING ouzels are winging their way to the moors and hills to breed as they return from tropical Africa.
The current UK population of ring ouzels is now likely to be between 6,000 and 7,500 pairs.
Eggs from song thrushes thinned 6 percent, mistle thrushes 4 percent, and ring ouzels 2 percent.
A "fall" of Ring Ouzels brought 10 to RSPB South Stack and five to a garden on Holyhead Mountain last week, with others on the Great Orme and Bardsey.
Ring Ouzels arrived at coastal sites such as the Great Orme, Wirral and Bardsey before heading inland to their upland summer territories.