ring spot

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ring′ spot`

any of various viral or fungal plant diseases characterized by concentric rings of discoloration or necrosis on the leaves.
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ON PAPAYA RING SPOT VIRUS - This disease is prevalent in many places in Luzon like the Calabarzon provinces, in Mindoro and Palawan.
The papaya strain of Papaya ring spot virus (PRSV), that causal agent of PRSV disease was confirmed in Malir District Sindh and in Islamabad by double antibody sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbant assay (DAS-ELISA).
Ring spot incidence in bunches at harvest reached 70-99% in the untreated control compared to 1-6% in treatments where bunch closure was treated and protected from thrips.
Necrotic ring spot, mildew, as well as root and crown rots flourish in cool weather on saturated soils.
Beyond exhibited good resistance to leafspot [caused by Drechslera poae (Baudys) Shoem] and necrotic ring spot [caused by Ophiosphaerella korrae (J.
Signum, from BASF, contains the two new active ingredients Boscalid and Pyraclostrobin (F 500) to achieve a new high standard of control of Botrytis in outdoor strawberries and of Ring Spot, Dark Leaf Spot and White Blister in the listed brassica crops.
He is maintaining his threat to quit because of disillusionment with the system put in place by the NJPC, but until he is satisfied with the sale system, he will use his lowly ring spot at Ludlow as a first toe in uncharted waters.
The ring spot virus may therefore cease to be a problem in papaya.
This hybrid has intermediate resistance to leaf curl virus, papaya ring spot virus (PRSV) and another virus called ZYMV for short.
Cabernet exhibited very good resistance to necrotic ring spot [caused by Ophiosphaerella korrae (J.
It is also tolerant to the ring spot virus, and in addition, Sinta fruits command a premium price of 60 rupees per kilo compared to the 30 rupees per kilo of Mulir fruits.