ring-necked parakeet

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Noun1.ring-necked parakeet - African parakeetring-necked parakeet - African parakeet      
parakeet, paraquet, paroquet, parrakeet, parroket, parroquet - any of numerous small slender long-tailed parrots
genus Psittacula, Psittacula - a genus of Psittacidae
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It was the ring-necked parakeet, which is now a familiar sight for many of us in local parks.
JODY is a beautiful male ring-necked parakeet and came into our care as the owner could no longer provide the care necessary.
RING-NECKED PARAKEET The UK's only naturalised parrot.
A single snow bunting was on the Great Orme, while at least one ring-necked parakeet is enjoying the bird table snacks in a Llanrhos garden.
Among the common resident birds of the Capital area are herons, swift terns, Arabian babaler, ring-necked parakeet, osprey, red-wattled plover, yellow-vented bulbul, common mynah, house sparrow, etc.
Mum Sara Bentley, who spotted a ring-necked parakeet feeding on the nuts in her Dinas Powys garden
3) was once owned by Sir Maziere Brady, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, who was to be axiomatic in the formation of the national art collection; it shows a brightly coloured scarlet macaw accompanied by a salmon-crested Moluccan cockatoo and a green ring-necked parakeet in a garden setting.
The ring-necked parakeet has even made it into the top 10 in some parts of London.
Rachel has one daughter, five-year-old Alice and a wide array of pets ( two horses, five dogs, four cats and a ring-necked Parakeet.
They spotted not only common birds like blackbirds, magpies, wrens and robins, but rare breeds including red kite, linnet, tree pipit and ring-necked parakeet.
A Native of india:CURATOR of Birds at Bristol Zoo Gardens, Nigel Simpson, said: Its a ring-necked parakeet, native of India and the UK.