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A person who is in charge of the performances in a circus ring.


(Theatre) the master of ceremonies in a circus


(ˈrɪŋˌmæs tər, -ˌmɑ stər)

a person in charge of the performances in a circus ring.
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Noun1.ringmaster - the person in charge of performances in a circus ringringmaster - the person in charge of performances in a circus ring
emcee, master of ceremonies, host - a person who acts as host at formal occasions (makes an introductory speech and introduces other speakers)
مُدير الحَلَبَه في السّيرْك
ředitel cirkusu
riaditeľ cirkusu
sirk meydan amiri


[ˈrɪŋˌmɑːstəʳ] Nmaestro m de ceremonias


[ˈrɪŋmɑːstər] n (at the circus)Monsieur Loyal mring-pull [ˈrɪŋpʊl] n (British) (on can)anneau m (d'ouverture)ring road n (British)rocade f; (around major city)périphérique m


[ˈrɪŋˌmɑːstəʳ] ndirettore m del circo


(riŋ) noun
1. a small circle eg of gold or silver, sometimes having a jewel set in it, worn on the finger. a wedding ring; She wears a diamond ring.
2. a circle of metal, wood etc for any of various purposes. a scarf-ring; a key-ring; The trap-door had a ring attached for lifting it.
3. anything which is like a circle in shape. The children formed a ring round their teacher; The hot teapot left a ring on the polished table.
4. an enclosed space for boxing matches, circus performances etc. the circus-ring; The crowd cheered as the boxer entered the ring.
5. a small group of people formed for business or criminal purposes. a drugs ring.
verbpast tense, past participle ringed
verb .
1. to form a ring round.
2. to put, draw etc a ring round (something). He has ringed all your errors.
3. to put a ring on the leg of (a bird) as a means of identifying it.
ˈring binder noun
a looseleaf binder; a stiff cardboard file with metal rings inside for holding loose pages together.
ˈringlet (-lit) noun
a long curl of hair.
ˈring finger noun
the finger on which the wedding ring is worn (usually the third finger of the left hand).
ˈringleader noun
the leader of a group of people who are doing something wrong. The teacher punished the ring-leader.
ˈringmaster noun
a person who is in charge of performances in a circus ring.
run rings round
to be very much better at doing something than; to beat easily.
References in classic literature ?
And then faster and faster they went, all of them dancing, first one foot out in the air and then the other, the horses leaning more and more, and the ringmaster going round and round the center-pole, cracking his whip and shouting "Hi
The ringmaster couldn't ever say a word to him but he was back at him quick as a wink with the funniest things a body ever said; and how he ever COULD think of so many of them, and so sudden and so pat, was what I couldn't noway understand.
Then the ringmaster he see how he had been fooled, and he WAS the sickest ringmaster you ever see, I reckon.
The lady wins," he announced, after the manner of a ringmaster.
The ringmaster will half step forward to catch you before you faint.
RINGMASTER Ringmaster Norman Barrett is confident that the show will go on.
com/modern-family/season-8-episode-10-ringmaster-keifth-guide-and-photos/) Ringmaster Keifth ," Cam will come up with a plan to make it up to his family after ruining their Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks ago.
My ringmaster god roared his laughter and I became the girl the night
The true success under the "Big Top" depends on the Ringmaster and like the "Big Top" show, our clinics require a ringmaster (practice manager or military equivalent Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC)) to manage all the circus acts.
The Bridge should resemble the Big Top as ringmaster Jose orchestrates proceedings, with supporting acts like jugglers Eden Hazard, Oscar and Kevin De Bruyne (above), strong-man Romelu Lukaku up front with trapeze artist Petr Cech in goal.
Also taking to the stage will be aerialists from the US and Great Britain, and ringmaster Norman Barrett MBE with his trained budgerigars.
F1 ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone was among the lucky ones as he was turned back at the last minute.