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Noun1.ringside seat - first row of seating; has an unobstructed view of a boxing or wrestling ring
seating, seating area, seating room, seats - an area that includes places where several people can sit; "there is seating for 40 students in this classroom"
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Over the years this city has seen some of the greatest ever bouts however with the app - the Don King of reservations - it will only be a matter time before restaurants have their own ringside seats to fights breaking out over who was next.
2 Gold Medal Sessions Ringside seats at the boxing.
The young lads seemed to be having a great time with their dad, as they larked about in their ringside seats, climbing over his knee and gathering around to tell jokes during the break time.
Ringside seats for five people (including the winner) at Zippo's Circus ?
SCHOOLCHILDREN in Birmingham are to be given ringside seats to watch some of the world's greatest athletes train for the Olympics.
Tickets cost pounds 25 standard or pounds 30 for a table of 12 with waitress service or ringside seats.
NEIL ALEXANDER had ringside seats for Old Firm warfare breaking out at Parkhead - and he insists the bad blood had been brewing between them for months.
Thanks to Mattel and WWE, two lucky readers can win four amazing ringside seats EACH to view WWE action closer than ever before on either 12th or 13th April at London's O2 Arena.
The UFC generously donated ringside seats for the event, which was widely recognized as the most talent-laden fight card in UFC history.
Bull, now 24-5-1, had built up his modest record largely on local club shows and had swapped a short-lived retirement and a couple of ringside seats to take the fight.
After a fourth-round TKO of Archie Moore in 1962 that stamped him as a heavyweight championship contender, Clay spotted titleholder Sonny Liston in the $30 ringside seats and shouted, ``You're next
Sun-watching space observatories such as SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) and TRACE (Transition Region and Coronal Explorer), which orbit above Earth's turbulent atmosphere, should have ringside seats for the transit.