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 (rĭng′kē-dĭngk′) Slang
1. Old-fashioned; worn-out.
2. Insignificant; unimportant.
3. Of cheap or poor quality; makeshift.
One that is regarded as old-fashioned, worn-out, insignificant, or cheap in quality.

[Origin unknown.]


1. old-fashioned or quaint
2. of poor quality
3. substandard or imperfect
4. insignificant or minor


(ˈrɪŋ kiˌdɪŋk)
Slang. adj.
1. small-time.
2. antiquated.
[1910–15, Amer.; rhyming compound]
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One day in 1974, Eman visited me in my rinky-dink office in Quiapo and said he was going 'abroad,' i.
disbanded, I can look back and see that he acted with a flamboyance beyond the call of duty during our afternoon together, culminating in a hip-swinging slink into the room bearing a tea tray with a rinky-dink tinkle of "Shall I be mother?
Somewhere around 20 years later, one of my brothers and I packed a rinky-dink (by comparison) two-man tent on horseback into the West Elk Wilderness near Gunnison, Colorado, for an elk hunting trip.
Today, achieving that goal takes many forms, and it seems like every company out there, from dedicated light manufacturers to rinky-dink importers, is marketing more than one model of headlamp.
The iPad Air will compete with Surface Pro, not some rinky-dink Android tablet.
Behind him a rinky-dink set of borrowed harrows brought him shame again--the bank forced us to sell all our equipment at the end of the previous year, including Dad's big blood-red Massey-Ferguson.
For his fourth wee musical for Oran Mor's A Play, a Pie & A Pint season, Anderson was reflecting on a teenage holiday romance between his younger self, played with energetic innocence by Jack Mullen, and Katie Barnett as a rinky-dink all-Caledonian showgirl.
New developments spread along the Black Sea coast, through Communist-era resorts and rinky-dink fishing villages and up into the mountain ski towns of Bansko, Pamporovo and Borotvets, revitalizing once sleepy and dated locales.
I eventually emerged at the bus stop to board the #21 straight to Bethlehem and then the walk thru Bethlehem's Old City, another bus, the old rinky-dink one, and finally home in Beit Sahour where I was famished and fatigued.
Hornpipe, Gracefully, Ghostly March; Volume 2: Beguine, Just for Fun, The Spook Spoke, Barbershop/Dixie; Volume 3: Charleston, Struttin', Wistful Ballad, With Abandon; Volume 4: Something Old, Something in Two, Something Borrowed, Something Blue; Volume 5: Rinky-dink March, Jaunty, Swing Waltz, Pushy; Volume 6: Calm and "Cool", Happy, With a Lilt, Light and Latin; Volume 7: Takin' It Easy, Strollin' A Bit Boisterous, Brightly; Volume 8: Overdone Tango, Lazy Blues, Sassy, Movin' Along.
Close to $1 trillion annually just to fight small cadres of terrorists or a couple of rinky-dink nuclear states?
only to then feel affronted as Frank's rinky-dink keyboards came in, followed by his daft vocals: "I was born in Timperley/Oh Timperley is really great/I go shopping in Timperley/Cos we've got loads of shops/That's where I do all the shopping for me mum/Five pounds of potatoes and loads of chops