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tr.v. rinsed, rins·ing, rins·es
1. To wash lightly with water.
2. To remove (soap, for example) by washing lightly in water.
1. The act of washing lightly.
2. A solution, such as water, used in rinsing.
3. A solution used in coloring or conditioning the hair.

[Middle English rincen, from Old French rincier, from Vulgar Latin *recentiāre, from Latin recēns, recent-, fresh; see recent.]

rins′a·ble, rins′i·ble adj.
rins′er n.
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Barrel-cleaning systems employ both ozone and steam, including an Aquatools high-pressure barrel rinser.
The MWS mobile wash plant consists of a tracked S190 or S130 (two- or three-deck) Rinser feeding a single or twin sand screw.
NOVELA AUTOR Momo Michael Ende Vorstadtkrokodile Max von der Grun Das Geheimnis des Brunnens Luise Rinser Ben liebt Anna Peter Hartling Stolperschritte Mirjam Pressler Anne will ein Zwilling werden Paul Maar Die Wartehalle Klaus Kordon Das Funfmarkstuck Klaus Kordon Die Unterirdischen Angela Sommer-Bodenburg Der neue Pinocchio Christine Nostlinger Die Geschichte von der Michael Ende Schussel und vom Loffel Wenn du dich gruseln willst Angela Sommer-Bodenburg Spurnase Jakob-Nachbarkind Christine Nostlinger Ais der Weihnachtsmann vom Cornelia Funke Himmel fiel Die Zauberschule Michael Ende Reise gegen den Wind Peter Hartling Der verborgene Schatz Paul Maar Rico, Oskar und die Andreas Steinhofel Tieferschatten
Beer-ready glassware should sparkle, so many bars and restaurants use a spray rinser to remove any traces of soap, dust or sanitizer before serving.
It has an integrated ionized air rinser and FDA compliant container handling components.
Options such as an extended discharge conveyor, servo controls, and an integrated ionized air rinser are also available.
An existing fulls inspector had been earmarked for continued use, as were a linear air rinser, induction sealing units and a pallet wrapper.
Options such as an extended discharge conveyor, servo controls and an integrated ionized air rinser also are available.
In the baby care category, for example, the winning product was Splash Guard LLC's Lil Rinser, a "shampoo shield" that keeps shampoo and water out of a child's ears and eyes.
Last summer, GLBC's brewing operations underwent a $7M expansion and upgrade that included a new centrifuge, brewhouse additions, filler, rinser, conveyors and packaging efficiency improvements, a new grain silo, flooring and piping and the installation of four additional storage and fermentation tanks.
Dab a li'l concealer on with your rinser to get a just-right base.
For example, Persil Hygiene Rinser was launched in a number of countries in Western Europe while Eastern European markets saw the rollout of Persil Gold Plus Active, an innovative product that reduces the amount of energy required per laundry wash.