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tr.v. rinsed, rins·ing, rins·es
1. To wash lightly with water.
2. To remove (soap, for example) by washing lightly in water.
1. The act of washing lightly.
2. A solution, such as water, used in rinsing.
3. A solution used in coloring or conditioning the hair.

[Middle English rincen, from Old French rincier, from Vulgar Latin *recentiāre, from Latin recēns, recent-, fresh; see recent.]

rins′a·ble, rins′i·ble adj.
rins′er n.
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Winner of The Hannah Grimes Center's PitchFork Spring Pitch Challenge was Todd Kilanski of Winchester Metal Works, who has created the Vehicle Undercarriage Rinser, which is designed to address the high cost of repairing corroding undercarriages of heavy equipment as a result of driving on salt-covered roads.
Skipping a few steps, he landed on a high-capacity Fogg monobloc rotary rinser, filler and capper.
(https://www.babylist.com/gp/skip-hop-moby-waterfall-bath-rinser/3504/5328) Skip Hop Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser
It's a self-contained roll-around unit that allows the purveyor to have a rinser, a refrigerated unit and all the beer tower implementation that's attached to it, right there in one piece."
Contostavlos began singing at the age of 12 in the year 2000 with N-Dubz, then called Lickie Rinser's Crew, comprising rappers Dappy and Fazer.
Beer-ready glassware should sparkle, so many bars and restaurants use a spray rinser to remove any traces of soap, dust or sanitizer before serving.
It has an integrated ionized air rinser and FDA compliant container handling components.
Options such as an extended discharge conveyor, servo controls, and an integrated ionized air rinser are also available.
An existing fulls inspector had been earmarked for continued use, as were a linear air rinser, induction sealing units and a pallet wrapper.
Options such as an extended discharge conveyor, servo controls and an integrated ionized air rinser also are available.