riot gun

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ri′ot gun`

a gun, esp. a shotgun with a short barrel, for quelling riots rather than inflicting serious injury.
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Noun1.riot gun - a firearm designed to disperse rioters rather than to inflict serious injury or deathriot gun - a firearm designed to disperse rioters rather than to inflict serious injury or death
firearm, small-arm, piece - a portable gun; "he wore his firearm in a shoulder holster"
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The American "grunt" in the center is carrying a Savage M77 riot gun.
THERE'S LITTLE DOUBT that the pump or semiautomatic trench shotgun, and its close associate the riot gun, are formidable small arms.
Originally, I had wanted a short-barreled Model 1897, but when I found out how hard it is to find an original Model 1897 Trench Gun or Model 1897 Riot Gun, I abandoned the idea.
A 40mm riot gun that fires a plastic baton designed to stun at up to 25m
My intention from the start with this project was not to build a reproduction of an original Model 1897 Riot gun or a piece for Cowboy Action competition.
The Riot Gun, with its stubby 20-inch barrel, would eventually be riding in thousands of patrol cars all across America.
Eight-to-11 shot pistols will do them just fine, as will that old standby, the 12-gauge "riot gun."
She almost appears shy when she smiles and proudly shows off her three guns - a 9mm Beretta, a home-made sawn-off shotgun and a riot gun.
Still, that modern military assault-rifle look is much more menacing than the farmer's old corn husker 12-gauge pump that is the main riot gun sold in the United States.
When I bought it I was told that it was a "riot gun" that was normally issued to native troops and the odd chambering was so that the gun could not be converted to any other caliber or gauge and used against the British by the natives of the occupied countries.
6 claimed either to have not used a riot gun on the day of the incident or to not know who used the riot gun that injured Berkin.